DreamPi- Unofffical Online For Sega Dreamcast

Like the Sega dreamcast, Own a original(or want to try an emulator?) and want to relive some of the glory days?

Now you can!


Think we should get a group going, or atleast a retro online group for Online Gamecube/PS2/Netplay since Emulators and real consoles are both plenty.

Also Users should be able to make tags


This is the only game console I never owned. My buddies next door had one and I remember it being pretty neat though. They had one fighting game (power stone or something like that) that was -really- fun.

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My brother got my niece one and I bought her lots of games. (Yeah, ummm, the games were for her, uh huh, right) Unfortunately my niece is one of those hipsters for whom the past is un-important. She throws away all of her old stuff like music CD's, DVD's she has watched and I am sure the Dreamcast and the game discs are long gone too.

Of course there was Sonic, but we also liked this speedboat game,

one with flying futuristic snowboards,

and Jet Grind Radio.

But Space Channel 5 was one of our favorites.

Fun Fact: Space Channel 5 is based on one of my favorite groups 'Deee-Lite'. When SEGA asked then for the rights, they said no, SEGA changed the game a tiny bit and did it anyway. Deee-Lite sued SEGA and lost.


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I still have 2 dreamcast systems, one from when they came out and i got when i was 8 or 9 and one I got a couple years ago at a thrift store. I've been meaning to try to get it back online either making this or getting BBA but those are $200, even the games and accessories have been creeping up in price.