Thanks for all the information it looks like my first DIY PC build will take allot longer then i was hoping maybe a few years longer ! But if my lemon vista does die ill try to fix or buy the cheapest parts to get it back on until i have the $ for my dream build ! Thanks again ! 

If your not planning on building till next year id say its a little early to parts pick? Id spend the time reading up on RAID and water cooling. 

Not really such thing as future proof these days, with the rate technology is changing...


A quadro is a nice choice, but with the new improvements to OpenCL and it's friendship with Adobe, a Firepro card would also be a good choice. Also, a year is a LOOOONG time in this day's technology. Broadwell, 800 series, whatever AMD is doing (CPU/GPU), as well as (a) new chipset(s) could all be out by then.


Also, I of course don't know how items and prices will change over the next, but as of now, there is NO way that you are going to get a 4770k, Z87 WS, 780/quadro, sound card, water cooling, ram, psu, case, SSD, 2-5 HDDs, raid card, ect. for anywhere NEAR $1000. Try to decide on what you really need vs. want, and think about drastically increasing your budget if you want all of it.


peps1 is absolutely right. Spend the next 8-10 months learning all you can so that you can make a more educated decision when the time is actually right to do so :D


Thanks for the information ! When iam  ready to start the build next year only a few months away ! I'm only getting/starting with the Case,Motherboard,CPU,PSU,RAM,1SSD FOR OS/programs !Then down the road the next generation this time next year about GPU and everything else!  Sounds like a good idea maybe i should wait for the new DDR4 ram CPU Motherboards and maybe we will all get lucky and HDMI 2.0 GPU will come out to ! Just need to figure out for the programs i mentioned how many GB of Ram would be best and PSU watts? 


For that much periphery (if that's a word?) and a strong gpu, I would personally 850 should be good. A Corsair HX series would be a great choice!

I would probably say 16GB if you are doing a lot of photo and video work, and Don't hold your breath on DDR4. It is going to be absurdly expensive at launch date, as well DDR3 prices will be slashed when the next generation drops...Keep your eye on 16GB of Kingston Beast or Adata XPG memory, both good brands with incredible track records and relatively low prices.

As for HDMI 2.0, that technology is a much more likely to be present and affordable in the near future. Keep an eye on the 800 series from Nvidia, and whatever AMD has coming (still don't know the terminology for the hawaii cards :p...)

Thanks You for the information ! Last 2 questions for the programs im looking to run witch GPU would have the support ? Nvidia or AMD ? and far as burning the M-DISC goes will any blue ray burner work? Sounds like a good idea im thinking i should try and wait for  DDR4 to come out ! and then build my first Rig With DDR3 and catch all the parts on sale and save $ ! By then use the saving towards the 800 series or Amd  and extras !

I would like to put it out there that workstation cards generally have terrible gaming performance (especially Nvidia ones) because the drivers do not get the gaming oriented optimizations. The ones that can handle games at decent settings with decent frames cost by themselves most of a $1000 budget.

Thanks for the information ! ? Just need it to support run the programs i mention And work/save money/game on? im thinking after my build i might just get a GTX 770 or AMD R9 280 but not sure either way ! And down the road a few generation's later get one with HDMI 2.0! Hoping their will be some reviews with the new AMD R9 280 too soon !

I'd go with a 770, that is a great card that has plenty of CUDA cores for the programs you are mentioning. OpenCL has made HUGE strides with Adobe CC, but I still think CUDA prevails (but if you like Open-source, OpenCL is definitely the way to go...GENERALLY speaking, Nvidia cards are more energy efficient than AMD ones, so if power consumption matters to you...770 also has GPU Boost 2.0, which dynamically overclocks to almost the power of a 780 if you have adequate cooling.

Cool Thanks for the Information!

With water cooling you also have 2 options. Custom built or self enclosed. You can look at Corsair's water cooling systems for Cpu's. There are even universal self contained gpu coolers. However if you were to try to self contain everything, All your stuff would get very cramped in your case, especially if you SLI or CF. Knowing what I wanted after reading a water cooling guide from here, I looked at parts for pricing and for me to do a dual gfx card and cpu it would cost between 400-500 for parts. You can find stuff cheaper but not a whole lot lower then 250/300. For me its not worth it, at least until I start to OC. It would look sick as F***. I'd reccomend to do a little browsing to get yourself up to date on parts but dont think too much about it. Look more seriously about 4-3 months out. Be sure you look at all options. I got a 3770k and while I love the chip, I should have gotten a 8350 amd which would have saved me about $150 and probably would have worked a little bit nicer for games but oh well. And watch out for huge deals like on tiger direct for your storage components. I'm going to see how cybermonday goes. I still think most of it is a scam but I have parts with prices that I'm looking into buying.

Only thing I can say about future proofing at the moment is, The day you build start saving for the next build. I don't really think anyone will be able to make a true future proof build within the next 3-4 years with all the changes about to happen in 2014-2015.

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