DRam chip count vs performance question again... 2Rx8 vs 2Rx4

Hi there,

I have a HP DL360p that currently is using 4 x 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz (PC3L-12800R, 2Rx8) sticks.

Now I’m considering adding another 32GB of Ram, however 2Rx8 sticks are difficult and more expensive to come by.

There are a lot of topics, forum posts, etc, explaining the different characteristics of a DRam stick and I understand that, I understand when we say 2Rx8 is Dual Rank with 8 Ram chips and 2Rx4 is Dual Rank with 4 Ram chips.
I also understood that Ram works over 64bits and that that bandwidth is split by the Ram chips, correct?

Something I don’t see a clear answer anywhere is performance implication between less or more ranked chips per rank.
Comparing 2 sticks with the same exact specs other then the number of chips, if we compare a Rx4 vs Rx8 or even Rx16, which one is technically faster?

Also, can you mix match Rx4 with Rx8 on the DL360p Gen8?


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