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DRAM Calculator on Linux?

I’m looking into OC memory on a Threadripper platform. I don’t want to dive into this area too much and want achieve pretty standard goal of 3600 on 3200 rated RAM.

DRAM Calc sounds like a perfect tool for that, but I’m on Linux. I tried to run it with Wine but I’m not familiar with it and I’m getting a lot of unhandled exeptions. DRAM Calc is a portable app, not an installer. I can get GUI running but that’s it.

Is there another way of automatic calculation of memory timings under Linux?

You could tweet to 1usmus about any advice regarding getting the app to run on Linux or for a possible linux port.

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Look into booting windows from a usb drive.

Also do what CybeastRaystriker said

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There are some things Linux just doesn’t have, and I found the least painful solution is to install Windows on a small partition so I’ll be able to run tools such as DRAM Calc when I need to.

Wine Staging 6.0 and up is already good enough to run version 1.6.1 without additional tweaks. Any further than 1.6.1 is where it falls apart because it has a ring 0 driver it needs.

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