DP Repeater + HDMI Splitter Questions/Possible problems


I received my DP Repeater + HDMI Splitter today and, after setting it up, had a couple of questions/concerns:

My current setup involves a dual-PC streaming/recording setup where I’m using the DP repeater to bypass display mirroring on Windows. I seem to have my display capped out at 139hz at 1440 using GRU; otherwise, the output through the HDMI to the capture card begins to flicker or becomes a bunch of washed-out colors. I’m confused about whether the cap is on the converter’s side or the capture card.

Secondly, I have a question about audio to this device. Does it also convert that? I can’t seem to pick up the audio on my monitor as I could before via DP, and I’m not sure why it’s not picking up now.

My capture card is an El Gato 4K60 Pro, and my monitor is an Asus VG27AQ.

Thanks for the help in advance.