DP not working after power outage

My PC turns on and I can use HDMI on my monitor. Oddly enough “DP” is highlighted as if there’s a signal. I switch to it and the screen remains dark. Then says “no signal”. Then reverts back to the HDMI automatically. I tried unplugging and plugging everything back in. Didn’t fix the issue.

Just tried reset to factory settings on the display. DIdn’t do it either. Might I have to do something from the software side of things?

Both cords going to the same system?

Can you try a different cable? Try a different DP output on the system?

I occasionally have similar DP failures, which the unplug-replug approach will clear up. Since you didn’t go into details, I’ll suggest the following:

  • Remove power from computer & monitor (unplug or equivalent), and remove power or disconnect other boxes (USB hubs, KVM switch, router, etc.).
  • Leave off for ~5 minutes (long enough to make sure all the capacitors discharge).
  • Power up the monitor first & make sure it is ready for DP signal. Resetting to factory settings, as you did, is not usually necessary but may be a good idea.
  • Power up & start the computer - cross your fingers & toes.
  • That has worked for me, but if it didn’t, I would repeat and clear the CMOS on the motherboard - of course the firmware configuration would be lost.

That’s probably more thorough than absolutely required, but it’s hard to know what is the minimum that will work. If that fails, it is probably time to test with other, known-good monitor and/or computer.

Good luck.

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