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I have a limited amount of data and Youtube videos chew though my data really fast. Is there any play store app for my Nexus 5 that lets me easily download, and delete certain Youtube videos unto my phone while on wifi?

 I have 500Mb with my data plan and I usually watch the majority of my YT content on my PC, but from time to time I download YT videos on my PC with VLC and transfer them to my phone, to be viewed when I'm not home.


Nope. Google doesn't allow apps to do that as part of their agreement for being on the playstore. There are some APKs that will allow it, but it's so much of a hassle to use them that I just use on my computer and transfer them over

there are unapproved apps you can download for free off the internet ... * if you google it you'll find youtube videos and stuff 

I have download them all on my android tablet but i also have so many custom rom stuff that i don't know if it would work on a default system

TubeMate Works well for me when i ride the bus up to the mountians. id try it if i were u

for the ones recommending websites, here's the grandad of all of them:

Remember to save the bookmarklet (drag it to the fav bar). Besides does more than youtube downloads


EDIT: bookmarklet is uncomfortable in android, just add a shortcut to the main site

+1 for Tubemate it requires you to go in and search up the video you want to download and select quality, etc its rather simple ... but now that I'm thinking about it why hasn't someone created an app that downloads say your YouTube subscriptions so that when you launch the video via the official YouTube app it doesn't use any of your data bandwidth? Obviously you'd have to allow the user to implement how much data they want allocated to downloading videos and what not but how difficult could this be?

The Best way to download is


You can use

I use JDownloader to get youtube videos and then transfer them to my phone.

Can confirm, it works well for my purposes also.  

Disclaimer: Installing foreign APKs can be risky. So be careful.

Yeah go here get the app i use all time

using bittorent sync can streamline the transfer part i fyou are using your PC. just download to the folder you already have set up to sync and you';re done.

Yeah, TubeMate is great, I use it all the time. You can even download 1080p videos.

Some of my friends recommend Tubemate. But I never try it as I prefer to download YouTube to computer. If you want a desktop one, maybe you can use 2Conv and Joyoshare Screen Recorder. 2Conv is a free and online tool to download YouTube videos to MP3, MP4 and AVI. Joyoshare program supports more formats and can record videos and audios at any length in high quality without latency and watermark.


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