Dota 2 VR Spectator Mode, apparently this is a thing

I uh


VR seems to be mostly consisting of gimmicks at the moment. Above, is an example of an experience that can be done better in the real world with just two screens. Also the video quality demonstrated in that clip won't actually look like that inside the HMD. I suppose its a nice feature to have though.

It would be really cool for tournaments :P

If I could do that with a cheap piece of plastic strapped on my face using my phone, sure that's cool. But I won't buy a 1200$ piece of equipment for it. Maybe I can see a bold move by someone that buys a bunch of them and sell people tickets to see tounraments in VR. That could be a thing really.

One of the big things VR needs to be is more casual and accessible. Building a top end PC might not be a big deal to some but the idea of owning a PC in general is becoming more and more alien to the average punter.
The cost of a high end VR rig ( and you still need a decent monitor and headphones ) is also prohibitive and the idea that a cheaper RX480 was going to solve the issue didn't work as apart from not being available anywhere its also not fast enough.

Then you have the headsets which are fairly huge and look ridiculous ( yes looks are a thing ) ideally something the size of a pair of dark shades or Nvidia 3D glasses size is where it needs to be, not only that wireless technology needs to be a thing ( why can't they run 40 - 50ghz ? that gives about a 3 to 5 meter range, it's enough and very fast with no congestion in the frequency spectrum )

So yea, when VR is at cool looking shades size full 1440p/4k UHD wireless per eye @ 90fps then it will be the ultimate easy to pick up and play experience. I would still use a monitor though most of the time for the majority of games that don't translate well to VR.

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