Dota 2 Key for my bro please

Hey guys,


Please can someone send a dota 2 key to my bro please? His ID is Mattyinc and his prof pic is has a white background or something. Much appreiciated :)


PS if you cant find him can you send one to me instead?




Thanks Guys!

I can't find either profiles; friend me and i'll send you a copy.

Steam username: Futurestep 

Link to my profile:

Please leave an e-mail address so I can send it without a friend request


Thanks Buddy, just added you

[email protected]  thanks :)

There it goes.

If anyone else wants an invite, leave e-mails here. I have 29 more.

Thanks Tekkies! Luv Ya!

Can I have a Dota 2 key? I've always wanted to try it. Email is [email protected]

How do you guys end up with so many keys?

Well it doesn't matter the game was released today