Doom Heads Wanted - Are the alterations in Doom and Doom II really that big of a deal?

I didn’t realize there were Wolfenstein references in Doom 1. And the health packs had red crosses instead of pills. Now that I think about it, the latter makes sense. Could’ve fooled me, though. How about.

Anyway. I played the first two games through the BFG Edition. Now I have GZDoom and absolutely love the enhancements. The free aim feature is amazing to play with. Really changes everything. It’s been so long since I played the original games that I honestly would never have remembered the red crosses or any such alterations.

People keep bitching about it. But is it really that big of a deal? Also, where can I find full WADs of the first two games. I don’t know if it’s considered “piracy”. But… they’re worth pennies. And I already technically bought them with the BFG Edition. I didn’t know Doom was in a bit of a Star Wars situation in regards to revisions. If you know what I mean. :sweat_smile:

I would love to be able to get unaltered versions of the first two games. Possibly three. But Doom 3 was pretty disappointing, regardless of BFG changes. I genuinely enjoyed the first 2 games exponentially more than Doom 3. Especially now with GZDoom. But if anyone here knows me, they’ll know i’m not the “grab your credit card and get it on Steam” type. I love my physical copies. Got my BFG Edition that way.

If you want to re-play the original doom games, i highly recommend adding Brutal Doom.