Dont move to 8.1!

So I had windows 8.1 on my system until yesterday, I would like to share some of my issues with the new system.

1 - Mouse Issues.

Admittedly mine where not as bad as some peoples was, Batman AC worked well for me, that's all I played on it really, Did jump a little bit though.

2 - Unable to access my folders.

A rather annoying and potentially a crippling issue from both Security and general use stand point, The security side is I don't have access to deleting any files that maybe dangerous on arrival (Such as from adverts, downloads etc) Although thankfully I never got any thing as I never really downloaded anything, It stopped me accessing any files from stuff like VS, Office, Downloads and even my computer, Great no access to C:\ or my 2nd drive Thanks...

3 - Software issues.

This is a normal issue with a new version of windows, devs need time to be ready but to be fair Its more of a under the hood improvement is 8.1 (Or supposed to be) stuff like origin would crash and at boot It would bug me until I pressed Yes for something that didn't even happen, Also stuff like CFOS would crash randomly, Nice move windows reminds me of the early days of vista (BTW I like vista!)

4 - Uber slow boot times.

I'm finally running on an SSD, nothing super duper amazing its only an 840evo 120GB but the boot times where what my HDD could do, I never had this problem with W8 and any other OS, so seems that the OS is rather messy, even after TRIM it still did same.


So avoid this OS, I'm starting to hopefully make Linux my home for the future, with Windows as VM, or unless MS actually stop with all this crap and go back to their old ways, IMO I feel this could be the downfall of Windows, a lot of average consumers already do not like 8, Nice way to make them like you more MS!




After every good OS Microsoft puts out, a bad comes out.

After every bad OS that comes out, the next is always good. 

That is the way of life.

I have been using 8.1 for a month, and don't have any of those issues.   Got lucky I guess.

Windows 7 is here to stay, i cant say anything bad about it :D

Glad to still be with windows 7 and good old XP

Arrg too late......... :D

Nah but seriously, I upgraded to Windows 8.1 a week ago, and have not had any issues so far.

Just don't run any games in compatibility mode, I did that with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, load times were like 10 times slower. I reverted to Windows8 with the Acronis image I made before upgrading, and re-ran the update via Windows Store. After that no problems were found.

Perhaps something went wrong during your upgrade?

Funny website:

8.1 = no issues pretty sure its user error.


Also note Running two Samsung SSDs  no difference in boot time.

I've been running it for a week or so now and haven't had any of these problems. Sorry!

If you did not download your windows from Microsoft your complaints are invalid. And is the possibility that you just don't know how to solve problems by using google.

That kind of reminds me of nvidias motto with non-reference cards, if you had a problem and it was a non-reference card then it was the non reference cards fault and there was nothing they can do.

I'm using 8.1 for the other machine and I got to say; it's still going strong. So I cannot really make a lot of complaints about it. Although the shutdown/sleep issue is still not being resolved but that could be me.

I think my biggest issue with threads like this is the assumption by the OP that their problems are everyone's problems.  Just because YOU had something go wrong with 8.1 (either as the result of an accident or ignorance) doesn't mean everyone else will.  The fact that your boot times are terrible with an SSD, you can't access your drives, and you're having various other software issues screams to me that you're either inexperienced or incompetent when it comes to troubleshooting your problems.  Further, your difficulties in no way make you qualified to tell people what they should or should not do.  I realize that some people have had trouble with Windows 8 and now the 8.1 update.  If you want to try and help people resolve problems they may have, wonderful.  Telling people not to move to 8.1 because you had trouble helps no one.

still on 7 ftw

I'm currently on 7 and I'm thinking about trying out Windows 8.1 because I actually like to play around with the "Modern Start Menu" or whatever its called now. I'm also going to hop over to SteamOS after that comes out because it can handle just about all i do.

Heresy windows8.2 is a revolutionary improvement over window8, it is now possible to simulatenously run 2, yes 2 programs/windows/applications at the same time! And at no extra cost! Why they should be charging twice as much for this productivity doubling feature!

I already upgraded and put StartisBack on it. It's just like a faster Windows 7. And I have noticed these issues to. The mouse issue annoys me. When it happens, i want to uppercut somebody.

Whatever, I just know that my wife - before moving entirely to linux a couple of months ago - was a windows freak, and she moved to windows 8, and thus let microsoft re-DRM all her games and software.

When she moved to linux because of the endless crap with microsoft bugs, spyware and malware, and the hugely inefficient GUI, and she wanted her life back, she wanted to play her games and use her adobe software in a kvm windows container, so she had to use win 7, because win 8 wouldn't install in a kvm container, and all her games and software was blocked by microsoft, because they have set it up so that the license allows installation of windows in a virtual machine (and in linux, since it doesn't allow malware or DRM, windows is always unlocked, you can't even enter the product code or register, but it will still work), but the software that was re-DRMed in Windows 8, stays locked. Re-installation of the Adobe software worked to use that without problems in a Win7 kvm container, but some games remain locked. With Steam games, that is not the case, even if they were re-DRMed under Win8, Steam just reconfirms the account and the games work again, but other games just don't. The problem was eventually solved with some tips she got from a The Witcher dev. Let's just say that the effort Microsoft made to be able to connect with the linux enterprise market, especially virtualization, has put them in a situation whereby anyone that can read kernel code, can use any microsoft product in an isolated container without any negative side-effects. The actual insolence of Microsoft towards paying users is just disgusting, and alone for that, Microsoft should really be crucified.

Anyway, I just think Microsoft is moving out of the operating systems market, they have been turning PCs into XBoxes for the longest time now, and I think they have finally made the switch to an XBox company, and just sell enough of the same with a different box to pay for the support they still have to do on Windows 7 and Server and Lync and others tupid reckless products of bad management in the enterprise market, but Windows 7 was their last operating system that still offered enough freedom to the user to categorize it as an operating system, a system that allows the user to operate his own machine...

Upgraded to 8.1 a week ago and haven't had any major problems. No mouse issues and the performance is pretty good even on my normal HDD's. The only problem that I had was in Team Fortress 2 the scout ctrl double jump didn't work. Had to rebind crouch to shift. Not sure if it was the games problem or Windows.

After Installing the OS, I decided to play around with the "new" start menu thing for a couple of days and you know what - I got used to it. I don't feel like I need to get the StartIsBack because the metro UI works just fine now. You can customize just about everything and the search is working beautifully. I'm still struggling to get the Weather app working because for some reason it can't find my location. Other than that it's a great OS. Better than 8.0.