Dolphin Wii Emulator Problems

I can get everything running just fine except for two things. The stupid Wiimote continuously disconnecting while Dolphin still recognizes it as connected and audio/framerate issues. I've been trying to play Dead Space Extraction for about an hour or so and I can't get a damn thing to work right.

Controls randomly stop responding and I have to re-sync the Wiimote using the red button while the game is still playing. It doesn't even pause the game as it would if you actually disconnected the controller. This is a real big problem for this game and many others. Also I feel as though I'm about to throw this new Wiimote at the wall. The time it'll stay connected varies a lot, anywhere from a few minutes to even a few seconds sometimes it seems.

As I understand, the framerate problems have a lot to do with Dolphin automatically skipping things or whatever it does so that the audio won't make the game crash? At least that's what I've seen in some forums about it. Either way it's constantly going in and out of this framerate flux and makes everything much more difficult to bare with.

I have a Kinivo BTD-400 bluetooth as recommending in the Wiiplacement video so I don't think that's the problem. I did also pair the Wiimote with the bluetooth as shown in the video.

If anyone can help me at all, I'd very much appreciate it.

A few things to ask before getting into things:

  1. Is that game on the stable list that Dolphin has on their wiki?
  2. Is the Wiimote 3rd party?
  3. Are you using any source of IR? (eg. Candles, an Wii IR emitter bar, ect)
  4. Do you have appropriate drivers for the Bluetooth?
  5. Is your frame limiter set to the frame rate that the game runs at?
  1. The two games I've tried with this are at least four stars on their stability.
  2. This Wiimote came with the FlingSmash bundle so it shouldn't be 3rd party. It's a Wii MotionPlus Inside.
  3. I'm using the Nextronics IR bar as recommended in the Wiiplacement video.
  4. At first I let Windows automatically install the Bluetooth drivers. After having all these problems, I tried using the disk which came with the Bluetooth to install the drivers. Same problems.
  5. Frame limit is set to 60.

The only thing I could think of on the graphics side is my R9 270x and FX-6300 not being enough to handle the emulation with everything turned down. Or all my configurations are messed up for some reason. 

No, your specs shouldnt be an issue, as I can play any Wii game without any issues at 60fps on my laptop with a mid tier i5 and a 640m, much less power than your set-up. The only things I can think of that would be an issue is either your set-up within the wiimote config isn't done correctly, or your bluetooth dongle is a bad pick of the batch. And graphically, because it's a 4 star compatibility, it's likely either a bad ISO or there's some settings that need to be played around with. Just troubleshoot different resolutions, ect, try playing as native as possible with the frame limit set to 30, 60, and 90. Also make sure the ISO is PAL or NTSC, it can affect it sometimes due to PAL being 59FPS rather than NTSC at 60FPS

I haven't been able to make any progress at all but I was wondering if it was possible that my wireless mouse could be messing with my Wiimote and bluetooth? Also could Catalyst have anything to do the framerate problems? Hopefully I'll have time to do some troubleshooting tonight.

Other bluetooth devices could interfere, thought it may not be very likely. And Catalyst shouldn't be an issue at all. Have you tried the Wiimote with a Wii? If it works fine there, then it's likely the adapter you got was just a bad bin. I can't really help much more than that.

Now I can't even get my Wiimote to show up in game. I've removed the device from Bluetooth and added it back (with/out Dolphin open). It says at the bottom that the Wiimote is connected. I made sure that it's set to "Real Wiimote" in the settings. It even showed up in game with the yellow text saying "Wiimote 1 connected". I've been able to get the Wiimote to buzz whenever it refreshes or I click "OK" in the bottom picture. And of course, my sensor bar is fine as well.

Something I've noticed is that I can't seem to find this page anywhere:

But instead this one:

I would assume these are from different version, but I've made sure that I have the 4.0 version.

I think I may trying to get an older version to see if I can get something to work.

Yeah, with that happening I would suggest trying an older version, and if that still doesn't help, look for Wiimote plugins for Dolphin. There's usually alternative plugins that work better than the ones included. Also, enable Continuous scanning, it helps the connection be stronger, and may have been your problem. It re-scans constantly to detect the Wiimote rather than connecting and letting it time out because sometimes it's possible that the bluetooth loses sync with the controller either due to lack of use (motion controls don't count as use sometimes and even sometimes usage isn't always detected) keeping it on just allows more communication between the two devices.  If you want to save battery on your Wiimote its helpful to turn off speaker data, plus it's generally annoying to have on sometimes. 

I can't vouch for any Wiimote use entirely, because I've only used it connected via bluetooth without a sensor bar for non-motion games. (a lot of the time I just use my Onza for controls, while I try to find a good GC controller adapter for USB/Wiimote)

Also, if all else fails, try running in Hybrid Wiimote mode, and toy with it there, it's possible that it could help.