Dolphin Emulator in 4k Ultra HD Video Collection

Remember those old days?

Playing The Wind Waker on you're gamecube and the games look pretty fine, golden days 
Then Dolphin emulator came, we could play gamecube and wii games @ 1080p.

The games looking even greater then before!

Now i have going a step above, the step of insanity that is called 4k Ultra HD!


Q: Why?

A: Why not, the games look really good in 4k Ultra HD with mods Dolphin emulator have to offer!

Q: How do you record this?
A: I use the shadowplay encoder with MSI Afterburner recording software for less inpact of FPS.

Q: Some games have framedrops, why is that?

A: This only happen when i am recording the gameplay, 4k UHD recording is demanding for CPU, GPU and HDD and since i don't have an SSD yet i can't that if framerates improve if i record on an SSD.

Q: What hardware you use?

A: See sig or youtube video description.


The Games and Videos

Mario Kart: Double Dash 4k Ultra HD


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 4k Ultra HD





More video's are coming soon from me and other users