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Does the Zilog Z8003 CPU exist?

I’ve just been discussing the Zilog Z8001 CPU here and elsewhere. (I built a computer based on it in the early '80s.)
Does anyone know if its successor the Z8003 CPU (and Z8015 paged MMU) ever made it to silicon?
I used to have a 1983 Zilog catalogue that listed the Z80000 CPU and Z8070 FPU as “New for 1984”. I finally got a call from a Zilog distributor in late '85 saying they had Z80000s. Apparently, the Z8070 never made it beyond an emulator board. This doesn’t inspire confidence!
I’ve just been reading the Wikipedia Z8000 page and grumbling about the inaccuracies – it reminds me of the Z8000 chapter in an Osborne book – but I’m too shy/lazy to fix it!

If you don’t fix it no one will.