Does the Radeon VII still exist?

I really think AMD is denying they built this card and I think I am literally the only crazy person still using it. Even tho it does look really cool vertically mounted in my case, it maybe time to replace. I tried to get some drivers to hopefull fix my screen freezing issue and the system is holding back the upgrades. I have a 5700XT but I saw a blog somewhere stating Radeon fixed the reset bug in the 6000 series. If there is a way to save my present card that would be great. But I also like buying parts.

They aren’t. It’s the pride, that it’s the first 7nm GPU on the mainstream…
They may not boast they made it, cause it was a side effect of one of their workstation server GPUs. They literally put desktop drivers on a server GPU. It was really never meant to be a GPU on its own…
Also they made like 7 of them, released them on 7th of July and it was 7nm… So not many people bought them. They just used those huge expensive chips for the expensive workstation server GPUs they can charge 5 times the cost…

Read above…
Also I would have really loved to get my hands on one of those, but man they are crazy expensive. Never got affordable either. 5700XT made them obsolete pretty quick and with the super limited release you may as well be the only person in 100km radius that uses it…




I got so very tired of waiting for Big Navi, I almost bought one of those monstrous cards. jeepers they held their price well


I still use my Radeon VII in my Threadripper Workstation.

Probably didn’t need it but wanted an ALL AMD workstation so I replaced the tired GTX 980 I was using in it.

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I was thinking of installing my 5700XT but I read the reset bug was not officially fixed til the 6000 series

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The highest I saw was $8K on Ebay. Not sure if anyone actually paid it

There is hacks around it that were partially developed by users here. There are topic about it and from my knowledge the newer fix is universal.

But still a hack.

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I don’t think they made many of them and their use case is pretty extreme niche. Basically only if you’re crypto mining or doing other compute heavy stuff on a desktop.

If you’re doing that seriously, you go instinct in a server. If you are gaming, you buy Navi+

The use case for these is quite small, and it somewhat cannibalises their instinct line. I wouldn’t bet on finding any new ones.

The reason they’re so expensive: they’re STILL one of the most effective mining cards. Vega 64 has held its value pretty well for the same reason. Just watch the value of them tank when ether goes proof of stake. :smiley:


I saw a blog somewhere stating Radeon fixed the reset bug in the 6000 series.


Only the 6800 cards seem to work perfect all the time when it comes to passthrough.
Various non-reference 6700 cards seem to have issues with the reset bug again, see: 6700XT - reset bug?. I forget if I’ve seen any mention of reference 6700 cards having any issues, but they seem to be working the best so far. My reference 6700 works great.

It is highly likely that 6400/6500/6600 cards would also have similar potential issues and hangups as 6700 cards.


Atm looking to pick up the Radeon VII pro mainly for compute, as I have the W6800 now but the VII still destroys it in compute

And it had the AMD NVLink alternative on that card I’d like to play with with 2x of them at some point

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They were released a couple of months before the near identically performing and much cheaper 5700XT. If your workload benefits from GCN over RDNA1, and/or the 16GB of HBM2 over 8GB of GDDR6 then the Radeon VII is great, but for gamers the 5700XT made more sense.


How safe is it to buy one used (on eBay)?

I’ve wanted one for a long time, more for the sake of having one, don’t really nerd it, if that makes sense. As a collectors item.

Crypto-boom made it unobtanium. Since then I saw a couple of videos diagnosing dead cards (card not recognized, error 43) and now I’m concerned that these cards are on a short path to becoming paperweight.

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It seems once they die it’s pretty much impossible to get them back to life, seen a vast amount of dead ones on eBay and no one really able to save them what sucks, I think it’s HBM as since that’s on the die well good look trying to fix them

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I’ve been using one to mine for over a year now. It gets 86 MH which is obscene considering how old it is. I don’t think I’d try to game with it though

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Are they cheap? The dead ones, wouldnt mind one as art.

Thank you I will check it out

I know you’re asking about the failure rate of the cards themselves, but anecdotally…

I’m 100% done with the used GPU market after attempting to sell my R7 last year when I moved.

Buyer paid, received card, hit it with a hammer, claimed it was defective, and then sent it back with a “fuck you, scalper” written on a washcloth he used to wrap it before shipping it back.

People aren’t sane about GPUs. No trust left.

To AMD’s credit, the card still works despite all of that. The mounting bracket is FUBAR, but the card still works. :stuck_out_tongue:


I checked the other night and saw one for $1K. The internet used market is super high ask as always

I was hoping so but seem to be around £250-300 and at that price I’d rather buy a Radeon Pro W6400 or used W5700

Idk about rest of the EU/US tho