Does stand offs/ screws matter?

For my first ever pc build I had to go all cheap. So I bought some DIY cheap case, even paid extra money to ship faster since it would take too long, but when i tried to assemble it, i found out that the stand offs doesn't even go in right, some of them i fixed by holding down the back of the stand off that pop outs at the back the screwing it, but there is another one that no matter what I do puts me in a infinite loop of screwing. At the moment I am using the PC to type this but it is on its side on a chair( I don't have any "room" for it in my "room") If i put it vertically the motherboard doesn't fall off because there are like 2-3 screws that actually works, so should I buy another Case, if so can you help me find one for under 40, if possible with USB 3.0, because I don't want the port to be wasted( or if you know a usb interface that pops out in the back but plugged in the motherboard 3.0 port not pcie let me know)

 *Tried the spare stand offs that came with the case didn't work*

Or you could just buy a set of stand offs.

7 bucks and you are all set, if you have extra screws use them, or just buy some cheap ones.

Sorry I didn't make it clear the wholes for stand offs are literally wholes, I tried with spare stand off that came with the case didn't work

Oh gotcha, so the threads are stripped... well yea you don't want your motherboard dangling on a few screws, if you wanted to ghetto it, you could use rubber spacers that have an adhesive at the bottom so it doesn't touch the case.

But if you want another case:

Not the best, but it has usb 3.0 for a pretty decent price.

All depends on your motherboard too, not sure what size you have. ATX, mATX, ITX?

Thanks, I have MicroATX, even though reviews says to use Modular psu, ill still give it a go

Yea its top mounted, so it can get a bit cluttered with cables, but even with a non modular psu, you can get away with it. Just get zipties, lots of zipties.

I'll try thanks for the suggestion

when I had to re-assemble my pc due to thermal issues one of the bolts of the hyper 212 evo came loose and I was not happy so I too out the motherboard nearly killing by almost breaking (it was bent it snagged onto my sleeved psu cables bent it back) one of the pins on the mobo where you turn on your computer. so after I screwed back the bolt I went fuck it with screwing back on the standoffs to the motherboard by only installing 2 of them not all of them and it still worked. the standoff are there to hold the motherboard in place I would advise to put the standoffs where your motherboard is put it on top and find the holes that match up with the standoffs and screw it in much as possible. 

The answer is yes, yes they do matter. They are there to keep your MB from shorting out.

yeah and make sure that you use the ones that are not hexagonal shaped round ones..... ah fk it i have the hexagonal screws screwed onto the motherboard.