Does RAM speed matter at 1440p resolutions and higher?

Seeing how my RAM won’t run above 2133 I was just curious as to how much performance I am leaving on the table.

Games I take it? RAM will matter in CPU constrained situations. Do you have a CPU bottleneck in the games you run at that resolution? If the answer is no and you want better performance get a faster video card instead. And if you are, get a faster CPU instead.

I moved from DDR4 2400mhz to DDR4 3600mhz on my 5800X setup with a RX 480 and saw zero perceivable gains in any of my graphic heavy games at that resolution (GPU bottleneck). The big performance jump (even on my GPU limited games) came when I previously swapped my old 1700 to a 5800X.

Now for other things that are not games, it will depend on what you do. VM performance did not change much from the faster RAM and overall desktop performance remained the same.

Consider the cons and pros and price to performance of your current system. I’m assuming you have fairly recent hardware (less than 3 years old).

TLDR: no

Here are my specs which I should have included in my first post. My bad lol.

Asus TUF B450-Plus Gaming Motherboard
Ryzen 5 5600X
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super
2x8GB DDR4 RAM 2666MHz (runs at 2133MHZ).
1TB Samsung 860 EVO

I had a Ryzen 5 1600 before I upgraded to the 5600X. When I had the 1600 my RAM would run at 2400MHZ but when I upgraded my CPU my PC wouldn’t boot unless I set the RAM to 2133MHZ.

the ram speed will affect the systems overall performance.
running at 2133 or running at 3200 is there a diff?
depends on the cas latencies as to which is faster…
the 3200 has more bandwidth as it handles up to 3200 MT/s
but its the cas latency which dictates the speed of the transfer.
so with the right timings you could effectively make 2133 faster than 3200 if the 2133 is set to the correct cas ras tras and so on latencies.

CAS latency - Wikipedia look at the table comparing all ram transfer speeds.
you will see there are sticks of ram with hi MT/s but are effectively slower for first word return due to having poor latency.

as you have a ryzen system
run ryzen dram calc. once you enter your ram spec and ic manufacture model (chip model)
it will spit out both safe and optomized timings for your ram…

use stable timings.
*note. if it spits out cas latency with an odd number 15-17-19 you will have to enable gear down mode or your motherboard will round up your timings to an even number 16-18-20 and so on.

Not really. The 2060 Super can’t push too many frames at 2560x1440 if you go with high details, so you’re gonna be alright with 2133MHz RAM. Unless you’re playing MMORPGs you’ll be fine in any game really.