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Does looking glass works in muxless gpu passthrough setup?

I think I just managed to passthrough my nVidia GPU which has muxless architecture. So had to passthrough both vGPU and dGPU. Somehow its working getting more then 100 FPS using heave unigine. But the VM display is tearing a bit. Seems like looking glass can help here instead of spice display server, according to my common sense. But commonly, I found looking glass is installed in muxless setup, copying frame buffer from gpu memory. I was wondering if it will be able to copy frame buffer from vGPU (GVT-g), since dGPU has to go through iGPU in muxless setup.

did you ever got you answer??? i have a mx150 and im stuck

How are you getting any acceleration if you’re using SPICE? The virtual video device doesn’t support 3D acceleration.

As for your configuration, it really depends on the model of the laptop and how it has been designed. I believe this has been discussed here prior and there is some information on it but I can’t remember what the thread was named.

Unfortunately I have no experience with muxless passthrough, and almost no experience the dual GPU setups used in laptops.