Does Level1 have any get togethers?

Does Level1 have any official get togethers?
How about a ‘level 1 git together’? @ LTX Level[1]TechsExpo :stuck_out_tongue:
Think Linus could dedicate an area to a Linux - coding group?
Maybe I’d finally have interest in Linus’ Tech Expo if such a thing were to happen.
Seems to be mostly children there lookin’ upto Linus as their best friend. Maybe he could diversify with such a concept as this?

A few of us are getting together at DreamHack in Dallas. We’ve met up at Quakecon in the past, too.

@khaudio and I have gone on dates lunch outings. Same with @behindthetimesgamer

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I gotta have a pint with my fellow brazilian @anon85095355 someday, but we’d have to meet somewhere in the middle of the country, since we live on the extreme opposites of Brazil.


Wasn’t someone trying coordinate a get together but I can’t remember who