Does DRM Protection Encourage Piracy?

I am new to PC gaming and have been reading up about Steam.

Yesterday, I was reading about how a person bought a new PC game from the store, put the physical disk in his computer only to have a message saying that they needed to have a Steam account in order to play the game. This was a single player type game so there was no need for a gaming server.

After reading about 3 pages of the person getting flamed for buying the disk and questioning why a Steam account was needed, someone suggested that a cracked .exe file should sought out and inserted on the legally purchased game to bypass Steam all together.

I came across a different person who did not have access to Internet for weeks at a time and was unable to play their single player games due to the need that an Internet connection was required when starting the games.

So at what point does a person say "I really want to pay for this game but I don't want to support the DRM features that go with it so I will just pirate it." ?

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sfkdjhsdf dsffsd - first off, I am not for piracy. I am looking for an intelligent conversation on the subject. For instance, a person is able to purchase a movie on disk and it does not require an Internet connection to be watched. However, pc games do require an Internet connection even when the disk is bought. Does this mean that dvd movies will be going to the same thing in the future?

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Some people use DRM as an EXCUSE to pirate a game, when they would have pirated it anyway.

Other people like me who bought The Settlers 7 couldn't play the game because of Always Online DRM.

So when Ubisoft servers were down like a week after release and we couldn't even play single player for a game we shelled out $70 for people pirated the game so they could rightly play it.  That's a fair reason.

That also happend with Sim City because EA done fucked it up.

And for others that pirate live in places like The Republic of Congo etc where shit just ain't available.

As for me, these days I just wait for a sale if the DRM is hideous. *EDIT* or just ignore Ubisoft altogether until they sort their shit out.  Which they did with Grow Home (no UDON'TPLAY client)

Piracy is a good way too cause yourself a hell of a lot of headaches with your PC.  Laden to fuck with malware, not all downloads but you just never know what your gonna get.

Just wait for a sale or go grey hat.

And yeah Steam has an offline mode so you can play games.  That aren't full of Ubisoft bullshit.

As for the disc thing it's kinda like, ah get over it the golden age is gone and it's not coming back.  Unless you get retail copies of old games.

And go check out  DRM FREE games.

Any way this topic is well beaten over the head.  That's probably why you got the face palm pic.

Yeah the "gold bot with an attitude problem" is a reference to MMO cheaters.

heres how i feel, if DRM is done well and doesnt fuck with everything then i think its good and helps fight piracy. however, game developers have yet to get this mastered and DRM in its current form hurts system performance, and is just broken. so if i can pirate a copy of the game that is DRM free and will run better, then yeah it will encourage people to do so. do i think DRM is right? yeah, i understand that they want to protect their property. BUT its not done well enough that is simply just fucking works. and until then, yes DRM will encourage piracy. also probably doesnt help that developers are putting DRM on shit


DRM does not encourage piracy but it is inevitably fuelling it. Just read this article here it pretty much explains everything.

Why I pirate

DRM encourages piracy WHEN it doesn't work. COUGH COUGH Ubisoft and Telltale.

I want to add a nice resource to this Discussion.
I will leave comment out and just post the video
This is from Extra Credits which is just a talk on the video game industry from people inside the industry.

It really nails this topic on the head and I think will add to a healthy discussion here.

Best Line from the Video