Does anyone know what the codename vangogh is for?


Does anyone know what the codename vangogh is for? I’ve found some threads of people talking about some mac os metal drivers adding some checks for amd apus and codename vangogh was mentioned just wondered what it was referring to. my first assumption was 7nm apus but idk.

Is this in reference to hardware or software?

Just a rumor so far, speculation is that they are going AMD.


Maybe they think the next release will be their Starry Night AND THEY’LL GO TO SLEEP.

7nm APUs are Renoir. If it’s unreleased stuff, it could be RDNA2 stuff.

Apple has enough money to have amd make custom chips. Anything is possible.

So does Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft did collabs on Scarlett and the 3780U/3580U, and Sony is using new stuff for PS5.

Lol apple microsoft and sony haning a bargaining agreement with amd…

The fuck kinda planet do I liwe on?

Only outliar is Nintendo for going ARM + Nvidia GPU. Nintendo will likely resist going x86 because it would open up their games to PC, and they don’t want that.

This is a convo for pm’s or another thread atp lolp

I think I am old, I mean are HOT places freezing over as we speak? I never thought my AMD love would feel so accepted!