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Does anyone know of a good backup program for phones?

I want a backup program that sends files over WiFi and checks if the file has transferred properly then deletes it from the phone. Why over wifi? because my android phone is a Samsung galaxy A9 with a USB C - USB 2.0 speed port.
I want it to send files to my plex server if i can download or buy an app that does this that would be great (couldn’t find the options in plex) the server is running FreeNas so I can install services on that if that would help achieve my wanted outcome.

Thanks in advance.

Look at

Effortless backup

Back up mobile devices automatically via Wi-Fi to a local Mac, PC or NAS

but i don’t know anything about plex and sending backups to it. Just upload files to the NAS and possibly add whatever you want to the plex library with a simple script …

Sounds like a perfect use case for Syncthing. It might take a little bit of set up for your exact use, but it is definitely able to do everything you mentioned. Check it out:

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Not entirely user-friendly, but can be done with SimpleSSHD. Run the rsync command you want on the FreeNAS side to pull the files.

I use Nextcloud which can sync calendar and contacts but it really shines with folder based back ups. I have my photos set to instantly upload and remove from device