Does anyone know how to request a BIOS feature from Dell?

I have a Precision 7740 laptop with all of the prosupport plus bells and whistles but I can’t for the life of me figure out where I can go and ask for a BIOS feature.

Basically what I want is an option to increase the GART size of the Intel iGPU so I can make more GVT-G vGPUs. I kind of feel this won’t really go over well if I make a normal tech support ticket like for broken hardware? Or maybe that IS the way to do this? :slight_smile:

Does anyone here have experience with dealing with Dell for things such as this?


They would need to submit a ticket to their development team to coordinate that.

You could try just reaching out to their online chat to see if they could help. Their support is usually pretty helpful, at least from my experience.

Also, FYI, custom BIOS stuff is in the ball park of $10,000 from commercial sources. So please reevaluate if it’s really worth it to you since it won’t be cheap.

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I’ll try that, it seems more like a forgotten feature than anything else. I can’t remember ever having a laptop or a desktop with an Intel iGPU that didn’t let me configure the GART size.

I work for a large tech company and have worked with feature requests. So i’ll give you a little insight on how we do it.

Unless either the following happens it probably won’t happen:

  1. A large number of users ask for the feature.
  2. A big customer asks for the feature.

Other than that, I see it very unlikely for them to process a feature request.
I’m not trying to crush your hopes. I am just trying to set your expectations of the likelihood of them doing this request.

So you could submit a ticket or feature request. But who knows if it will actually get done.

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