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Does anyone here still buy DVDs/Blu-rays?


Much like a few people here already, I buy movies that I liked and/or want the behind the scenes stuff for.

Quality on Streaming services is fine for the most part, even though there’s still a difference to BluRay. It’s not as dramatic though.

If you want to be pedantic about that, neither CDs nor BluRays are the “original quality” either :wink: The original quality is the master :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats your price you will buy a Blu Ray movie at

  • $20+
  • $15-$20
  • $10-14.99
  • $Under $10

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Your mom buys Blu-rays


Still buy CDs , freeze in hell before I pay for anything that’s not solid


Totally depends. I’ve paid three bucks, I’ve paid 30,- too.


totally depends, Abraham Lincoln: vampire Hunter? Under $10
Kizumonogatari special edition, I paid $80


Is there any reason not to buy a physical copy of something? Streaming services are temporary and are subject to copywrite issues. There are instances where a sound clip, scene, etc. were edited out of the original because they had some kind of copywrite infringement. Buying a box set ensures that that never happens.

I will buy a CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, etc. So long as I can play it I’ll buy it. In any case I don’t have good internet so streaming high quality TV shows isn’t an option.


Not to mention that a lot of movies and music could be banned, at least from streaming services (already happening), and maybe even under the law if things get really out of hand.


of course, how else can you keep up your PT ratios

i mean uh, enjoy high quality content legally


Some really good films are only available as physical media, unless you want to pay a lot for it to stream, for a short period.

I buy may be 2-4 discs a year I’d say, although my time is mostly occupied looking after smaller humans :-/


I prefer something physical in my hands I can purchase and enjoy holding and holding and enjoying. However, most of the stuff I will watch comes from the, erhhhh, distant place.
I’m weird in the way, many others are like me so definitely not unique, but retarded, in that buying the physical format and then getting it from the distant place and then absorbing it from the distant place.
It feels good being able to hold it physically, but then also old or ancient using a physical spinny thing to watch it. If you haven’t haven’t guessed already, I’m retarded.

So yeah, still buy them, but choose to watch them online.


depends on what it is but I still love to have physical copies of things I really enjoy never know when that streaming service removes that movie, song, book, or game you really like.


Recently made the jump to 4k and HDR with my home theater. 4K Blu Ray are way less compressed than their streaming counter parts. Stuff like TV shows or renting/trying a movie is fine. But if I am sitting down and really focusing on a film I would much rather have the Blu Ray.

Steelbooks, DigiBooks and Box Sets are neat and I am a sucker for them.


Still buy them now, if it´s not included in the streaming services I use, or I really want them regardless. And most of the time I then end up buying a blue ray as you get better quality and surprisingly way too often a bettter price than if you where to buy a digital copy (digital download often isn´t even really a thing for movies). Guess people are willing to pay extra for instant access.
For CDs bit different story. I´d buy all of my stuff on bandcamp if it was there but sometimes it isn´t and if it isn´t I often times go for CDs. I use streaming for movies, not really for music though. I mean I do use spotify to listen to the full song before buying or something like that. But that´s about the extend of it. I want my music to work when I´m in nowhereland, a tunnel, without internet access, spotify goes down or spotify takes away my music.


Wow, I walk home with at least 4 dvds and 2 cds every weekend.
Anything older than a year, the price goes down to like an 1/8th of the original cost and I don’t feel the need to see the latest movies the weekend it hits the shelves because you ARE absolutely overpaying and partly buying because of the hype


Yes, not a fan of streaming services. I buy the movie/show on DVD/Blu Ray, rip it with MakeMKV and encode with Handbrake to keep the file size reasonable.


I still buy movies on physical media. Most music and games I purchase are digital.


+1000% Thats what I use. Glad that time they went down for a little, that they were able to come back.

I dont encode though, hdd space is cheap enough to not care


The 1.15TB of movies/shows would take up much more space if I didn’t encode them. L.A. Confidential for example is as a rip straight from the Blu Ray ~40GB. Encoded with H.265 ~3.19GB (and tbh, I don’t notice any loss of video quality).
Assuming the compression rate is 90% would give me ~11.5TB of un-encoded video files.

Sure, HDDs are cheap (although, the price for 4TB HGST NAS drives has increased) but I only have so many bays in my case I can populate (11x 3.5" total, that would block the front air intake a lot).
Sooner or later I’ll have to look into an external solution but shit’s so fucking expensive :confused:


A little off topic, but since it was mentioned…I use MakeMKV and Handbrake on my Blu-rays and DVDs. I dont have a ton of movies, but so far they all fit on my 2TB NAS, with plenty of room to spare.