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Does anyone here still buy DVDs/Blu-rays?


Yeah, it’s me. Been busy with a new kid, the day job, and time-wasting gatcha games.

ANYWAY: Does anyone here still buy boxes? I just realised there’s new blu-ray box sets for both seasons of Stand Alone Complex. User reviews haven’t been great, they largely focus on the use of close-captioned dubtitles for the Japanese track. Anyone here who owns the set, willing to comment?

Or for that matter, does anyone here still buy discs in the age of streaming?

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I’ve never even owned a device that could play blurays.

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Ye I only buy physical media for movies. I like having a DVD for movies I like.


Yes I only buy Blu rays I don’t sub to anything but yt red


I buy Blu-rays and dump them. I really think it’s valuable to have your own media collection. I do sub to many streaming services, but if those ever go down or lose the rights to one of my favourite shows, that’ll be annoying, so on the things that I really enjoy, I always buy and dump them. Plus the quality of the Blu-rays is probably quite a bit higher than the streaming websites.


Definitely higher but also I’ve noticed that the audio is mastered differently between the streaming release and the blu-ray. Probably because quite a lot of people watch stuff on their phones like savages.


yep yep, and also games

(some times you can literally buy a copy of a game on steam for less money if you buy the physical copy, ex: currently mafia 3 for 9.99 on amazon, for the game thats on steam currently for 39.99)


I’ve noticed that. I don’t have much of a media center though, so I don’t mind streaming services every now and then.


Last year I bought a TV, first for many years. Heck, this is the first flat screen TV I have ever owned! Yes, it’s been that long since I have owned one. I bought a Blu-Ray player and I have been buying disks. The reason is to get the extra content on the disk. Also streaming movies and rips are such terrible quality. The bit depth is often so low they become blocky like a low rez jpg especially in the dark sections of the movie. I still stream to my PC and download rips but if a movie is especially good and I want to know more and I know I’m going to watch it multiple times I’ll pick up a disk. They are cheap, I have the physical copy to keep.

I would imagine for those with data caps having a library of physical media would be useful.


I still prefer actually owning my media and I’m a sucker for special editions.
I’m subbed to four streaming services and still end up buying a lot of physical media, got a stack of blurays ready to be ripped and encoded.


I like buying physical movies because of the included extras, I don’t mind the low bitrate for most streaming services too often. I am also one of those people who likes to own things instead of renting them


I buy Blu-rays and digitally copy them over. The quality is much better than what’s available online from different sellers, and you can generally get blu-rays cheaper using a simple keepa addon and amazon.


I do!

  • TV Box Sets
  • Movies I Love
  • TV Shows I’m Into
  • Movie Trilogy (Quintilogy?) Box Sets

I also buy:

  • Books
  • Textbooks
  • Video Games
  • Comic Books
  • Graphic Novels

in the physical format.


I have a few bluray discs. These days I just stream everything I need. If I want to watch a movie once I will just rent it from Google Play Movies and then stream it from them or on Youtube.


Yes, as their really cheap where I live and plus you get Behind the Scenes content/Extras right on the disc along with the movie.

Plus, having a bookshelf full of dvds/blu-rays will always be infinitely more impressive.


I still buy everything physical for media and books. Most of my blu-rays are anime especially now that more and more old series are getting remastered. The rest are movies I truly enjoyed and have the special editions of them if available. I still have all of my physical boxes and CDs for my older PC games, but I don’t care much to have a physical version for newer games unless it is one I really enjoyed. The only other physical copies of games I have are for the console exclusives on Gamecube, PS2, Xbox Original, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U.

I love collecting books as well and I am finding it hard to cram what I have on my few poor bookshelves right now, so I am definitely due for an expansion. I collect mostly manga and I have been expanding into light novels and art books. I am starting to pick up more novels, such as ones I’ve read before or others that interest me in genres of adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and really anything in between.


I buy Blu-rays or DVDs only for the best 10/10 content. Otherwise I pirate everything else. @Zealon I imagine you have all the evangelion movies right?


Yeah, totally. If I know I want to keep a movie, I buy it on disc.


I sold my Evangelion Platinum Set and I only have End of Evangelion left. I don’t have any of the rebuild movies since I would like them in a complete set, so maybe by 2025 I’ll have it.


I buy Blu-rays and Music CD’s. I want physical copies at their original quality…not some cheap MP3 or highly compressed video. I rip both lossless to my NAS and stream to my HT with Kodi through my Nvidia Shield.