Does Anyone Else use Rainmeter?

If so, post a screenshot and link the plugins that you use.

I'm using:
Digital VU Meter
Elegant Clock
MRpangkaka's Spotify Player
Twitch Live Followers

Here's my desktop:

Yes, this is very nice

I used to. Had some nice things going on...
I got carried away though and ended up with too much unnecessary clutter so just removed it all.

Probably why I'm a bit iffy about Conky. I'm afraid I'll get sucked into the hole again heh.

I myself am an extreme minimalist. I use geek tool, which is the OS X version of rain meter. If you look closely there are two off grey bars under the finder bar. The one on the left is CPU usage and the one on the right is RAM usage. 100% is the middle of the page.

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That's pretty clean looking. I wouldn't call myself a minimalist, but I like my desktop to look as sleek as possible. I try to keep my plugins on the grey scale and on the edges of my monitor, but sometimes there's a plugin that I just can't pass up for functionality purposes regardless of what it looks like.

Links to your wallpapers people!

Cruachan, that's pretty nice drumming sound. And Glitchmob is ahead of it's time in EDM.

Sure do, showed it here if you are interested, skins are mentioned in a reply to the original post.

I posted a 200mb+ zip of all my wallpapers on the official wallpaper thread

Arcs for the clock
Enigma everything else

Used to run Kerrigan CPU and RAM but couldn't get CPU to work with my new 4790k.

Thinking about other things I can add without cluttering up the desktop.

Updated mine.

Edit: forgot the wallpaper:

I use it on my desktop. Just a simple clock and weather widget I wrote.
I used Conky for a time but couldn't get multiple widgets to work, so I gave up.

Rain meter is amazing! Big fan of custom UI elements.