Does adding +20 gain to my mic have the possibility to damage it?


I don’t know much about phantom power mics, or what power delivery they can handle. If I hit the +20 gain button on my amp, an ART Tube MP Studio, will the added wattage have a negative effect on my Sterling Audio ST151?

This last year I spent a good amount of cash to have a good-ish audio setup. Its nothing audiophile or anything, but its significantly better than a logitech mic.

In case you’re wondering, heres everything together:

with an XLR cable that was 2 bucks but is way too long and a good quality 3.5mm line going to whichever computer (hopefully, soon, I can drop 150 on a USB C dock soon and I’ll use the proper 1/4 jack with my laptop.

Anyways. I’ve never had phantom powered mics before, and I’m unsure what to really expect. I chose this mic, however, because of its audio signature. It sounded really close to the ribbon mic I listened to and really the only difference was low band pickup was better on the other mic and less noise.

But plugged into the amp, kinda quiet. So I put the input and output volumes up, I have to be a bit closer but the mic works like I’d expect. But I’m worried I’m driving too much demand on the amp (40 dollar amp open box, but it has an actual tube and sounds really nice). So I turn the knobs down, hit gain +20, but then am I driving too much wattage to the mic? Should I even be worried about that?

With the gain turned up with the simple button on the amp, I don’t need to be shoved up to my microphone as much. It would be really nice if I could leave that on and going so I wouldn’t have to constantly adjust volume levels, but I don’t want to damage something I worked hard for and hold value to.



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Sounds like it won’t.


think sound input is mostly post.
Putting your mic to +100 could blow a speaker, but the mic would be intact.


THANK YOU AAAAA ok. I’ll be putting settings together soon and trying to use it for streaming again. I had the opl on the amp turned on the other day and it started to freak out from having the output up. Valid worry.

Still waiting for confirm from @khaudio

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My point litterally was the input does not destroy your mic(unless you can shout REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY loud), but output could destroy speakers?
You can litterally scream and shout into a mic. it is all about the post sampling of the signal, regardless software or hardware…

but by all means await @khaudio

If a input/output matrix is to hard for you to imagine, ill invite you to read the wiki page.

it is really easy.
mic is just a reverse speaker.

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Much love thank you friend.

It won’t affect it. The preamp circuitry doesn’t feed anything back to the mic.

Only other thing to keep in mind is if you use a TRS connector (1/8 or 1/4"), turn phantom power off before plugging it in. Otherwise, the hot and cold will get +48v as it is inserted (can destroy ribbons but is nonetheless best practice for all mics). XLR doesn’t have that issue.


Thats the info I could remember, but NOT about the connector. Thank you for getting that straight.