Does a WiFi extender improve download speeds

I recently decided to move my computer to a room very far from my router and my download speeds are beyond terrible. The connection is just not very good. I was wondering if a WiFi extender might solve my problem? If not is there another solution for improving download speeds? Thanks

An extender will half your internet speed but keep a strong connection. I have one so my wireless products but get an ethernet cable if you can its uber fast

Using a wireless extender will give you a better signal, and probably better speed, but it will lower the speed of the whole wireless network. It's really a last resort option. The best option is to run a cable to you computer. Or you can run a cable to another access point, if you give both access points the same SSID and password then your devices will treat it like a single wireless network. This is the best way to extend a wireless network. You could also use powerline adapters but they can be a bit hit or miss.