Does a PCIe 1x AMD GPU with HDMI or DisplayPort Exist?

I want to install a GPU in a the 1x slot of my desktop to drive two 1440p monitors at 30 or 60hz. This will be strictly for productivity. I want to use my 16x slot for a GPU I plan on testing VFIO and Looking Glass with. Curious if AMD has one. I know Nvidia has the 710GT

If you have a vertical GPU slot in your case then try a riser cable, you’ll find some that go from 1x plug to 16x slot. You can also find M.2 → 16x PCI-E risers.

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Pretty sure the amd WX series would do this. Maybe a Polaris variant if you don’t need huge performance.

Pretty sure rx550 may do this too can’t remember if the one I have at work is 1 slot. Think it is.

It’s bus power only and bought for similar reason.

I believe the OP wants a x1 lane card, not necessarily a 1 slot card.

Also I guess I should link the Linus video. Don’t try at home kids.

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Ahh I see. If it’s an open slot then you could stick a x16 card in it at x1 I think?

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As @thro and @cowphrase mentioned, a PCIe device with x16 long connectors, should work in a shorter socket, as long as the end is not sealed.
It would just be restricted in bandwidth/performance.

That is data wise.
Also, the motherboard board should be supplying like 75w from the power pins in the section closest the back panel, but some PCIe devices draw power from other pins, so (even) if the card has separate 6/8 pin power connectors, it might still be expecting to draw power from additional pins in the slot.
I don’t think cards are Supposed to do this, as they are supposed to be downward capable, but I would only worry if the card does not have separate power.

All that to say, give it a go and see!

Oh, and some boards have a lower rev x1 slot, which would be even lower bandwidth, but should still work

Thenlast i can readily find that fits those is a HIS 6450, only one port though and a max of 2560x1600


OMG, that’s it and it even has DisplayPort and DVI-D. Dude, you’re awesome. I drive two 2560x1400 monitors too. I need to find one and test. Thanks!!!

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I hope it works out, at least being so old they should be cheap.

It was a very quick and dirty search, there may be better newer ones but that the last I remembered seeing.