Do you think this build will work?

I already ordered all the components and can't return anything so i want you to take a look at it and tell me what you think.

Yes that will work, you will have to go in the bios to overclock those ram sticks to there full speed becase the cpu is native to 1333mhz but it will work fine

Well it should have no issues. I would have upgraded the GPU while dropping the RAM down to 8 gb's, bot overall it should do fine.

thanks guys but any comments about me not having a heatsink fan ??

Get one later i guess, the AMD stock fan is really quiet actually, as long as you dont try to OC it to 4.5 GHz.

How do i overclock ?? Damn this is really hard !

Don't over clock on the stock fan --its barely good enuff to keep the chip cool.

There are plenty of gides around to oc that chip just look for 

"amd phenom ii x4 965 overclocking guide" on "google"  as for your ram there will just be profiles you can select like this --> 1333mhz 1600mhz ect ect depending on how much your mobo will alow you to clock up your ram.

But dont expect to get huge overclocks on that mobo with only a  4 +2 Phase Power Design

oh. i thought this motherboard was good :/ ! 

Its a good motherboard its just not that great for big overclocking.

You will get a little overclock on the cpu but not much you may even get the chip to 3.8ghz 3.9ghz on that mobo

oh ok, well thanks cooper you've been a huge help to my posts. =)