Do you think tea is more affective then coffee for staying up?

black coffee if strong enough, is great without creamer, but it depends on the persons taste buds. 

I feel like tea works better for staying up, when made fresh say, Twinings English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast teas for example. I've never gotten jittery after drinking black tea and I don't ever crash from drinking it either. 

Tea only works to help you stay awake if you already have a low caffeine tolerance. If you binge on energy drinks and quadruple espresso frothy beverages from Starbucks, then tea will not help at all. However, if you are looking to detox a good quantity of caffeine from your system and regain the capacity to stay awake or go to sleep when you want, then tea is excellent. I recommend starting your detox with some nice healthy green or white tea. These are the lightest in flavor and caffeine, but the highest in other useful compounds such as various phytochemicals which have been shown to act in some cases as anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenics. Tea also contains quite high levels of fluorine-based substances, which may prevent further enamel erosion on your teeth. At least, it would if Americans could drink things unsweetened. This is because fluorine bonds similarly to calcium and is much, much stronger. Hence why most drinking water is fluorinated. As you progress off of your caffeine-laden diet, you may begin to dabble in oxidized teas. Your black teas, oolong, pu-erh and even non-tea beverages such as maté. These contain significantly more caffeine than green tea, but less beneficial compounds. 

I think tea is more enjoyable than coffee though, feels more refreshing.

Well you can alway binge, I sometimes do project work with a guy that is constantly sipping Tea: if he drinks 15 cups of Tea a Day, he'll get the same BUZZ as me drinking 6 cups of coffee. I assume

I did not experience it in tea but in coffee yes ,in fact everyday i drink coffee specially when reading some newsletter at every morning and every night before i sleep i drink tea which is nice too.

Sleep before you need to stay up. This is the best method whether you are gaming, partying, hunting, etc...

my experience is

  • Tea: moderate pick me up that lasts for a long time
  • coffee: much stronger pick me up that lasts for a short while after which you are tired & nervous
  • napping for 15min twice a day gets you much further than Tea or coffee alone.
  • cup of coffee + 15 min nap = best (caffeine needs15 min to take effect, nap during those 15 min)

Actually, when you do an experiment in the organic compound of the tea vs coffee you are able to find that tea actually have caffeine like coffee.  If you are able to take organic chemistry in your collage/university/highschool you will be able to find this.  What you should really do if you want to stay awake is to drink black coffee with no sugar.  This link might help! :)

I drink both, I think that tea tastes better, but coffee helps stay awake much longer than tea.

Its not really a fair comparison as it depends on the tea, if it's khat, ginseng, yerba or coca you will probably be up all night, you can also have cáscara, a tea made from the coffee cherries that is also high in caffeine.