Do you think tea is more affective then coffee for staying up?

Now, as someone who constantly drinks tea every day when I can, I think I came to a conclusion that if you drink black tea all day you can practically stay up half the night with no effort of forcing yourself to not hit the table while working or playing.
I don't really know how much caffeine would that be per day and how much it would help you, but jogging down a couple mugs of coffee would just keep me brisk for maybe 1-2hours and then give me an unbearable headache, forcing me to keep drinking more or just taking a pain pill and falling asleep.

Maybe it's just me, I don't know, but I'd like to hear what somebody else thinks.

I have not had a cup of black tea in years, but coffee after 6pm will wake me up for an hour. I usually have no problem staying up passed 4am on the weekends by drinking a can of DR. Pepper. Can you recommend a good brand of black tea?

You know, I don't think i can name something ideal, I just have some different type leaves and I mix them of what I feel like.

If I don't pick up some fancy branded tea at the mall I always have a huge box of Lipton tea, also Dilmah for stronger taste in general(but not Earl grey, that is way over the top for me to swallow).

I'm not a brit so I'm not that too much into tea,although maybe I should read up something to keep the interest. Also my area is not so richful of much exotic tea so I could really be uneducated for the topic.

There are compounds found within tea that help you digest the caffeine more completely, but slower. Tea has a much lower caffeine content than coffee, which for most hardly registers as a pick-me-up at all. Tea does, however, effectively help you stay awake and invigorated, depending of your caffeine tolerance.

I am coffee lover and i did not yet experience the effect of tea but i already drink tea and i did not feel nothing but this seem interesting cause tea can me you body fit and many proven about it.

I don't usually drink black tea, but I bought some looseleaf maté because it was advertised to have as much or more caffiene than a cup of coffee, and it really works

Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for coffee so I just make some of that and I find it works just great in the morning, mid-day, or even in the afternoon if I'm working on something

A cup of tea has far less caffeine, than a cup of coffee.

But, a 100g of tea leaf has more caffeine than 100g of coffee beans. 

I sometimes just drink green tea and it makes me feel more awake. Sometimes it's just cause it's a warm drink cause I sometimes go for a cup of hot water and sometimes it works too and sometimes it doesn't.

Put some Khat (Catha edulis) leaves in the tea pot. Stay up all night and party on.

Don't overload your system with caffeine as it can have the opposite reaction by making you sleepy. Try to drink slowly and measure out your dosage. If you know you are going to be up all night a tylenol half way through the night is a good idea. Still for all the sleep you miss you will pay for it later, so be mindful and if possible take cat naps.

Very true, but if you need to stay up for, say, 36 hours straight, then you basically need to get yourself an IV of caffeine and sugar, and ask people after those 36 hours to not contact you for something ridiculous like 3 days whilst you sleep. The human body is a frail and pathetic thing, yet the brain is even more so when you consider that it's the main cause of a person feeling tired or drowsy.

36 hours is in my experience not bad, when you stay up for three days is when problems happen. For me when I pass the 60 hour mark my body starts trying to take micro naps, and if I sit still for too long my head will bounce up and down like I'm rocking out. The trick to staying awake is to keep moving while exerting the least amount of effort, and keeping up a high energy diet. Again the best thing is to avoid staying awake for long periods of time, and should only be done in emergencies.

Energy drinks are only effective if you only drink them once and awhile, so don't drink them except when you are in dire straights.

It's just preference between coffee and tea keeping you awake for extended periods of time. You can do the same thing with soda. Soda gives me that gross feeling after a liter or so. It also has a crash effect also. Tea I don't have any of those things so I stick with that. :)

If you're actually interested in tea as a drink to enjoy, I'd highly recommend looking further into it. Try researching premium teas from China, Japan, and Korea—there's some really phenomenal stuff out there. I've been a barista for six years, so I'm never going to stop drinking coffee, but I've been drinking seriously good tea for about a year now, and I find it MUCH more suited to staying awake and alert for longer periods of time (and it's way healthier than coffee, or soda, or energy drinks).

Thing is, there's actually more caffeine in green tea than black tea in a lot of cases. That's probably the biggest misconception about tea out there. Green tea is the least processed of all the different kinds of tea (red, white, black, oolong, fermented), and thus retains more of its natural caffeine content. There are some exceptions, but in general, green tea has the higher caffeine content. There are other factors however, including the grade of the tea, and the amount of time you brew it. And it should be noted that I'm talking about quality stuff, not Lipton or Celestial Seasonings. I either buy my tea from a local tea house (that buys straight from China), or buy straight from China myself when I have a big enough order to justify the shipping cost.

If you want to stay awake and alert (and like the taste, which is another matter altogether) for longer, without crashing, I'd go for tea, or even maté. It's healthier than binging on energy drinks and sugary coffee too, the downside being the taste, which can be intense for some.

Also, and it depends on the roast and a whole other set of factors, but some teas can have an equal or even greater amount of caffeine than coffee.

TL;DR—tea is healthier to drink, tastes just as good as coffee, especially in the evening/night (tea seems less aggressive than coffee to me, which is suited well to certain times of the day), and you don't crash.

...But coffee is still really good, damnit.

Water is the best thing for staying awake. Drink cold water and you can stay up for ages without having to worry about any headaches or other rubbish

Coffee has plenty of caffeine but gives you a crash and some people get jitters.

 L-theanine is the answer. It removes jitters and allows you to drink more caffeine while boosting reaction time. It is a constituent in tea but it is much more affective in a higher dose with coffee. (more caffeine + more L-theanine)

If you are planning to stay up for the finals on the other hand a mix of caffeine and speed is very deadly and quite neurotoxic. I would research nootropics which boost your brain to it's maximum potential while being neuroprotective. Modafinil comes to mind. (the limitless drug)

Of course just like all psychoactive chemicals, use not abuse is essential here.

I never thought about it, on the other hand, i drink tea only when I'm sick (not even then, but apples coocked...), coffie don't have influence on me tho. But i can't fall asleep if I'm awake less than 16 hours, so, maybe not the best person to compare.

It depends from person to person i guess. If you have work to do, and youa re really sleepey, go sleep, no amount of wokr/money is worth losing your health.

Tea, if you get the organic healthy stuff, doesnt have enough caffine to keep you up, but coffee is really fatning if you use creamer, but wokrs better. p.s my spelling stinks. but if you drink to much coffee then you will have to much caffine, thus, reversing the energy into sleepy time! so it depends on how much you is better. 

I only drink Chai tea with sweetened condensed milk. I only drink coffee with frothed/steamed milk and sugar.

*depending on my mood