Do you recognize this? MSI B550 unify part

I received an MSI MEG B550 Unify motherboard. Rattling around in the box was this black one inch long, 1.5mm diameter tube, closed at one end and internally threaded at the other (I needed a magnifying glass to see that).

It’s not mentioned in the documentation, and it’s not part of the Unify’s DIY stand set - that comes with 6 black plastic rods that help to support a fan. It’s not one of those.

I’m worried it’s something that fell off the motherboard (still sealed in its bag), or maybe something that just dropped in the box somehow. It’s a bit odd.

I’ve sent in a query to MSI customer/tech support but don’t expect a response until next week.

Thanks for any info.

Yeah it’s pretty odd it doesn’t really look like a motherboard piece to me.
Maybe it could be a part of the test bench solution.