Do these parts work together?

Just wondering if this RAM:

will work with this motherboard:

I don't see why not but the specs don't say that it will explicitly work with that speed RAM. It just says 1333+ (O.C..) I didn't know if that meant 1333 and up would work but the mobo would just need to be overclocked.

Also, Windows 8 or 7 for my build? Not used to Windows 8 but I didn't know if there are any performance differences.

That memory will work with that MOBO, but it will only run at 1066 or 1333 or higher if you overclock the CPU. So it is kinda pointless to buy that fast RAM anyway because it won't run at those speeds. Unless you are using an APU though, you don't need fast RAM.

That motherboard is kinda shitty though. I would look for something with at least the 970 chipset.

I would personally go with Windows 8.1. It is much faster than Windows 7, especially when it comes to start up times, and has some other nice features. Just download Start Is Back and it will be pretty much the same as Windows 7 but with better performance.

How about that RAM?

Or that one?

The BLU is 1333 and will need a CPU overclock to reach that speed. The other RAM is only clocked at 1066 so you'll get that speed. However that is quite expensive. 

I would really get a better motherboard. Look at the Asus M5A97 LE R 2.0. It is a much newer chipset, has SATA 6 and USB 3. PLus you can use much faster memory.

and grab this memory.

So, I looked at some newer chipset mobos and found this one for cheap. I need to stay as cheap as I can lol.

How's this?

That is a decent board, especially if you aren't overclocking, and should meet your needs very well. That mobo, with the RAM I recommended and an FX-6300 or similar paired with a decent GPU will be schweet. 

Lmao "schweet" I found some nice blue G.Skill 1600 RAM for only a couple dollars more. The GPU going in it is a GT 640 2GB by EVGA. It's nothing special but it will suffice until I get another.