Do not buy MGSV: Ground Zeroes

Seriously? 20 to 30 dollars for a game lasting only about 2 hours? Is this some fucking joke?

Couldn't it be like MGS2 where the prologue/tutorial to the game was placed in along with the full game? You know, Tanker and Plant? Is it really that damn hard to figure out?

Anyway, whether it was Konami or Kojima himself that was in charge of this stupid decision, stay FAR away from this game.

B-But Kojima said the next game is 200x longer than this one and he's unsure if it will go well

Yes because half of the damn game is spent crawling painfully slowly through an empty boring desert and the rest is filled with poorly written cutscenes so long you'd need refreshments and a bathroom break to get through one of them. The game isn't too big it is too boring. That is why the fast forwarded through nearly all of the gameplay trailer they showed at E3.

I know, i wasn't saying its a justified excuse. lol, Kojima is trying to ride a dying horse as far as I see.

but Zeroes being a 2hr game doesnt matter much, Portal 1 was a 2 hour game, and I'd pay $20 easily for it.

Did they make it like the PSP games?

I have no idea why the hell Kojima would want to make MGS like Splinter Cell when Splinter Cell has always been the franchise playing catch up :s

Different game circumstances. Portal is a 2 hours brain taxing high speed blow out. Where as Ground Zeros will largely be a slow, measured, time taking game.