Do not buy cheap PCs!

My Dad bought a cheap PC at a german discounter which normally sells very good products so he thought of nothing bad...
Now he has this thing about 1 year and i found out that the GFX card (any type of cheap 8600gt with ****ing big fan) of that thing is totally underclocked but pretty hot!
so now i gave him my old asus 8600gts.
Also this thing got an intel core 2 quad q6600:doesnt sound that bad because normally this thing is nearly the best oc cpu u can get from intel BUT:from the discounter it runs at standard clock at a temperature of 60°C idle!

Why would we buy a PC anyways??

I have a story similar to this. So I just got done with Army basic training, it's family day, we get to go around the city and spend our hard earned money. My friend went to a mall and bought a $2,000+ laptop for gaming. I think it was a HP. It had a Athlon 64 X2 2.2GHz, 3 GB RAM, Nvidia 8300, and a 20 inch screen. He told me that the salesman told him he could play any game with this laptop. This happened a few months ago. I told him he got ripped off and should get a refund, but he couldn't because he was getting shipped out the next day.

And a soldier that claimed to know a lot about computers commented "An AMD Athlon? I've never heard of that before, must be something REAL high tech.".

known fact is known

I notice building PC's is kinda like building cars
You can have only 2

Building cars? correct me if I am wrong but you cant build cars jsut mod the living fuck out of them
if you got a few hundred G's

you can build cars to about the same extent that someone builds a pc.

everything on a car can be rebuilt or replaced
the engine can be rebuilt with better forged parts and parts made for performance.
Suspension to handle better
the rear end (rear axle) can be replaced with a stronger one that can handle that new power from that new engine.
wheels, tires paint and bodywork all to make it look better.
interior with sound systems new carpet/seats

I highly doubt it'll cost you less to build a car on your own than to buy it retail tho ;)

ya pretty much, the only exception i can think of is possibly classics.

that's why i only do American muscle =D
do you buy a pc from retail or build it?

yea but you dont "build" a car
you simply replace parts

in a pc the parts are put to gother replacing parts is known as upgrading

so your basically upgrading a car

as i said before you can build a car to the same extent you can build a pc. you arent going to forge an engine block any more than someone is going to make their own cpu, and most people arent going to create the body and frame themselves just like most people wont build their case by hand, but you can buy all these things seperatly and put them together yourself.

if this site had karma points, you'd be getting alot from me lol.

His dad bought from a shop im guessing he had a good experience with before.

If he knew how to build a PC im sure he wouldn't buy a built machine anyway...

8600 GT with Q6600...? What a junk...

cheap pcs will shit up on ya all the time!!!

Should of built it yourself....Never EVER buy a pc off anyone unless they built it for you ( Coz ur Dumb :)

Nowadays go for 9800GTX and above.