Do i still need Fx bulldoser hotfix from 2013

Remember the 2 Hotfixes from 2013 for the AMD FX CPU's. I was wondering if they are only for bulldozer architecture or are they needed for Vishera to ? I have FX-6300 running windows 7 ultimate 64bit and these fixes have not been applied been running my system for 1 year now and I'm unsure if they need to be applied with 2nd gen FX Vishera based CPU's as the Microsoft website dose not give specific information on this if anyone knows more about this pls let me know

if you are using windows 7 yes you still need the hotfixes.

it says once u install the updates they cannot be reversed so i just want to make sure as ive been running windows 7 for a year without them

the hotfixes do give you a decent bump in performance. if you are newish to the site and have not seen the amd vs intel video that the tek crew did i would reccomend checking it out. then look at other sites amd vs intel and you can see a major difference in performance. if i am not mistaken the hotfixes give about a 20% bump to performance

the video from 2013 i watched but only mentions bulldozer architecture poasted same question on video thread but dead necro thread

What about non-bulldozer architectures from AMD such as Steamroller and the like? They are still module based designs, but I never hear anyone talking about the using the hotfixes for them.

As long as it is not going to affect the stability of my system as they are non reversible and my system runs very stable right now solid OC at 4.2 Ghz at 1.38V on Sabertooth 990 FX MOB !! i just don't want blue screens or instability.

the stabilty will be fine i run the hot fixes with my 8350 clocked at 4.6
the hot fixes were designed for all of the fx processors. if you have a fx 4xxx or fx 6xxx or 8xxx i would recommend using the hot fixes if you run windows 7,windows 8 and 10 have the hotfixes built into the os.

then I will install them tonight and play some GTA5 or Battlefield and see if i notice any differences in frame rate and CPU spike

@1920_1080p_1280_720p This was exactly y i ask after talking to Microsoft Help desk for 2 hours i realized i probably know more about this then they did...