Do i really need a PSU

Hi Techies!I m planning to buy a R7 240 1gb DDR5 GPU for my PC[3rd gen i3]...Do i really need an extra PSU for this GPU??Pls help..

Well you don't need PCIE power for that card so you should be fine but you shouldn't buy that GPU. At all. 

Seriously. Its crap. 

Honestly, save up like 20 or 30 more dollars and you can get a GPU that is by far and away more powerful with a much better price to performance ratio.


Yeah, that gpu is shite. On par with your igpu. In saying 'Do i really need an extra PSU for this GPU?' really makes no sense in your situation.

If you need a gpu for increased gaming performance look for a gpu in your price range that offers decent performance (maybe a 650ti, 7770 etc). Cards like the 240 are for systems that lack onboard graphics, or if a simple office machine needs to run 2 screens. They have slow ddr3 memory and very weak gpu cores.

If you system is non-gaming then by all means a low end solution like this will do the job. You wont need any extra power for such as card as it draws power from the pcie lane itself, which will be a very small amount.

If a gpu that you get requires certain inputs - 6pin, 8pin. Then physically check what cables you have available on your psu (most gpu's will come with molex to 6/8pin adapters if needed). Just plug in what you need. Also check that your psu meets the recommended minimum requirements (yes these figures are ambiguous but for your sake just roll with it).

Best of luck with it.

thankyou Der and Dee for your valuable advice..