Do I need a new router? Or upgrade my package?

Basically, my download and upload speeds are dreadful and just god awful, even if I make use of a wired connection, there is NO difference in terms of the networking performance. Personally, I think that somethings a little wrong there, however I don't know, I'm no networking expert.

Anyway, I've had the same router for a very long time now, it must be about 6 years or so, hence why I think I may need to upgrade the router, in addition to it's age, recently, I've been disconnecting from the WiFi, a lot. But there's a slight issue here, if the router is to fault, I can't exactly upgrade it, as my ISP will only allow you to make use of the routers that they supply you, so I've read on forums. I need something that'll speed things up or at the least increase the stability of my connection, can anyone provide any advice, please?

What network speed is it that is provided by the ISP? What speed do you get?

I'm unsure of the network speed that we're meant to get, but I'm not kidding you here, we get, on a normal day => 100KB/s down, up speed is about between half and quarter of that. But I know we should be getting better because we used to get better speeds, I've had 800KB/s down, before now, but lately, it has become awfully slow.

This could be either ISP or your router, I would investigate with your ISP to see if you're getting what you're supposed to (and see if you're just on a small package) and if it's on your side, talk with the ISP to see if you can get a new router. Anyway, That is very slow indeed.

I know, as a temporary fix, I've literally gone and bought today, a power-line network interface, just so the connection is at the very least reliable, I will be sure to get in touch with them, when I have some free time on my hands. I must say the power-line connection is a lot more stable than making use of WiFi, which is really nice, I mean I would disconnect every few minutes, and as a web developer I would find it intensely annoying. If I needed to look something up very quickly or just test a PHP script, not only would it be a pain staying connected long enough to upload the files, but it would also be a pain trying to test the PHP, just as an example.

Hope you find a fix for your issue. :)

Me and you both in that case!