Do I need a HDMI Dummy?

Hello there, first post here. I was wondering if I need a HDMI Dummy for Looking-Glass If I Only have one monitor. I have tried to only use one but the VM (with PCI Passthrough) doesn’t show up on the correct input it shows up on VGA which is my host machine input in a window similar to how a regular VM works. Thanks appreciate any guidance I can get!

Yes, both graphic adapters need to be connected. Via cable or dummy. If your display got 2 inputs you can simply connect to both with 2 cables. That worked for me.

I use 1 monitor, and keep a DVI cable plugged in from host GPU, and a DP cable from guest

I have already tried this, doesn’t work with my Element Monitor. Thanks!

Now you don’t.

I know that this post is extremely old, but it’s among the first entries on google, so I think it would be helpful.

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