Do i need a 1440p monitor?

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I just got done with another thread about what GPU i needed and Decided to go with the EVGA GTX 780.

That being said, i am currently looking to get a 1440p monitor(Asus PB series278Q 27in 1440P) . But i was told that for what im going to be using it for(gaming) that I'm much more better off using the Asus VG248QE 24inch 144Hz 1m monitor.

 can some one please advise me as to what i should be going for?

cause from what im being told from one side is that if i go with a GTX780 i must have or get a monitor to take advantage of the full resolution(1440p).

then the opposing side is advising me to go with a 1080p 144Hz monitor simply because the a higher resoplution monitor isnt necessary even for a GTX780, that the higher refresh rate is far more beneficial for gaming than a higher resolution screen.


They're both correct ;)

High resolution, or high refresh rate are both appropriate for the 780.

A monitor with a 60hz refresh rate wouldn't show the performance of the 780.

The choice is yours to make. Some people prefer high resolution monitors for a cinematic experience. Some people prefer high refresh rates for fluidity, the game will look smoother due to the high output of the GPU.

If you stick with a 1080p 60hz monitor, you should perhaps consider a cheaper card that would give great performance.

Alternately, you could get a surround setup. Add two additional 1080p monitors to your display, the 780 would power those nicely.

Well, since you have 2GB VRAM, why not use all of it? First of all, the 1440p ASUS monitor has a PLS panel, which means the image quality and viewing angle is much greater compared to traditional IPS and TN panels.

The 144Hz ASUS monitor is not something I would recommend. 60Hz is enought for gaming (unless you're gaming intensive FPS. ie. CS and COD) and since you have Adaptive Vsync with Nvidia GTX, screentearing or Vsync dumpers shouldn't be a problem.

The 144Hz ASUS monitor has a TN panel. TN panels can have a high refreshrate, tight latency and they are cheaper to produce, however! They do lack image quality.

I say go for the 1440p monitor.

Ah, berserk.

we meet again.

Yes, i just ordered my GTX780 this morning, and now puzzled about the monitor. As a friend of mine was advising me to go with the cheaper but optimized monitor for gaming.

thought I'd chime the forums for advice. thanks though. guess im going with the 144Hz monitor considering that I'd still be using the Displayport.

Another thing he mentioned was that on the 1440p monitor is that I'd see more motion blur then i need to. considering the money i was about to spend on it, he advised me top just get the 144hz monitor as i will be playing fast paced games.

There are trade offs between high refresh and high resolution. It really is down to personal preference. I think your friend is trying to push it a little too hard, but he/she is correct.

I know with a lot of the criss-cross action of the last thread, it got confusing, and information was lost. I believe surround/high refresh/high resolution were all mentioned. I'll give the pros and cons for the different dislays. Hopefully this will be more organised.

Surround: This gives a larger field of view, the game will be displayed across 3 screens. But, by powering 3 monitors, it will impact on your GPUs performance.

High refresh rate: this makes games look fluid. This is because a higher level of output (frames per second) can be shown, it just makes all the motions look buttery smooth. However, the quality of the panels is less than other displays. They do not have accurate colour reproduction. But, they are generally favoured by competitive gamers who like first person shooter games.

High resolution: they are IPS (In Plane Switching - don't worry about the name) panels. They have better accurate colour reproduction. They are 60hz panels. 60hz means the screen refreshes up to 60 times a second, this means a maximum of 60 FPS can be displayed. This is the difference between a 144hz monitor, which can display up to 144FPS. Don't forget that you have been using a 60hz monitor, to this day. So high resolution won't have any "problems" that you're not already used to. So don't let things like "motion blur" disuade you from that decision. Though, another trade-off concerning the 1440p monitors is that they are very very expensive.

It is down to personal taste. I like the 1440p monitors, which appear to have a larger level of both pros and cons. But, I like that cinematic experience, I like to use my monitor to watch movies et cetera. But, I am not a competitive FPS player, you sound like you could favour your FPS games.

By the way, I should be ordering my parts in the next two days. I have also chosen the EVGA 780 :) I'm going to make sure I get a headset, too. For all my buddies on TS!

"fast -paced games" definitely rings the 144hz monitor bell. You could keep your old 1080p monitor and do a dual monitor setup. Use the 144hz monitor for games. But have the second monitor displaying the desktop/websites.

Edit: The price of the 144hz monitor is so low, I would actually push for that now. It will be a neat upgrade over your current monitor. In comparison to buying the 1440p monitor, it is less risk. Because at the end of the day, you want to be happy with what you have. $400+ is a lot to pay for something you are unsure of. - I hope that answer cements it for you a bit.

i have decided to go with the 144hz monitor. i figure that I'd save money to put towards something else. heck. ill even try a dual monitor setup.

1. Get 120hz monitor

2. Get Nvidia card (which you did)

3. Use Lightboost on 2D mode to get ~90% less motion blur = almost equal to CRT 

Benefits any fast paced action.

TN panels aren't particularly good with the viewing angles. If you are absolutely never going to try to view it from any angle other than directly centered in front of it, perfectly perpendicular to the surface, then all will be well with the world (with the exception of about 4.9 million colors, which it can't reproduce accurately.) I really like IPS monitors, although they do often have the small-ish problem of being almost exclusively 60Hz refresh rate displays. However, 120Hz models can be found and should be purchased instead. These monitors provide stunning color reproduction over a vast range of viewing angles as well as very vibrant and clear images. Motion blur is as to be expected from panels that often boast 2-5 ms response times. Not quite as crisp as a TN panel with its one millisecond response rate, but it is good enough for all but the most caffeine addled gamer enthusiast.

Also, with concern to your title: what is this NEED you speak of? Who cares about NEED. It is instead, how much do you WANT it?