Do i have to upgrade my PSU? I feel like i am pushing my luck

I have an old 400W that served me well for years. It has no name on it but it does have that C€ on it. Im know its not good to buy noname psu but its ok.

I have r9 270 with 

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition and Asus m5a97 r2.0 

i have been using the 2 molex to 6 pin adapter for my gpu and 4 to 8 pin on my cpu. Its still holding up but for how long. I will get a new one eventually but if this one can last a bit longer i would rather spent my money on something else 

I wouldn't put any faith into a no name PSU, but if all is stable now then it should at least remain so for a while. Those parts certainly aren't pushing it too hard, assuming that it is capable of delivering the 400W that it promises. Therein lies the question. :)

Consider something certified for 80Plus Bronze at 400-500W, such PSU's aren't too expensive today. Personally I would probably go for a Seasonic G-360, even if 360W could be somewhat of a limit to future upgrade plans. It brings a lot of quality at a reasonable price.

If it's running good now you should be fine, however if you plan to use that money to buy an upgrade or another part I might reconsider. I've used non branded PSUs before and they've held their ground.

pc part picker says this uses 459W with 2 HDD.. I dont know what any of the numbers on it mean but t says 400W, 50/60hz, 12+V, -12V, -5V, +5 VSB. I dont think its 80+ certified but i opened it looked at all the capacitors and everything and nothing seems wrong 

btw the fans on the psu are lauder than my amd stock cooler and its kicking out a lot of hot air 

PSUs generally put out warmer air, friction from the electric current. I would bet the fan was louder as well, not name brand! If you want to upgrade your PSU nothing wrong with that just make sure you get at least a 550 or 650 for upgrades. 80+ Bronze certified too.

It's always nice to have some margin and those "PSU calculators" tend to give it a wide berth, though during the heaviest gaming session I doubt it would draw more than 300W even briefly. Otherwise your old noname 400W would very likely have had immediate problems.