Do DE and DM make a performance difference in Games for you?

I’m trying to gather some data myself, but the inconsistent nature of FPS and potential other variables, as well as subjective differences make this hard. To go into a bit on my motivation:

Since i’ve finally got Overwatch up and running (third evening of playing with my group and it’s working fine) i started to notice some other “Problems”. Noticeable at the moment: The mouse feels like it’s heavily accelerated or “sticky” for lack of a better word.
Especially with hitscan characters i can feel that. I turned mouse Acceleration of everywhere i could and also used some libinput settings but nothing seems to actually change the pointer speed or acceleration. But the movement speed setting in the settings is ineffective as well for me, so…

Second, Gnome in general is on the brink of “laggy” for me. I love it’s design and usability, but i always feels a bit like using the PC through a remote-viewer or such. Wine Applications running, Discord or Chrome can make the entire PC slow to respond (to the point where input into the terminal is half a second behind). This doesn’t seem to affect FPS in Games, but i feel it could affect consistency.

So, to get to the point: In General Desktop use i never felt a different Display Manager make a difference (apart from looks at the greeter). Might this be different for Games and Wine Applications? So, can using lightdm for example, under gnome, make those Problems go aways? I’ll be testing this later today, but since the effects are somewhat subtle and random, it’ll be hard to get a consistent answer.

Second: Any tips to get the mouse Performance consistent, without acceleration or jumpyness? Maybe a new mouse even (currently using a Logitech G502)? Anything to look out for on purchasing a Gaming Mouse specifically for Linux?

And finally, did you feel a different DE made a difference to either Game Performance or Consistency or is it just a matter of how your Dektop feels and doesn’t influence Fullscreen Applications?

I know this is a bit much at once, but i’m trying to get my Gaming experience to as close to perfect as possible. Since i’ll be on Linux Fulltime now, i’d like to invest the work to make this better. I appreciate any tips or help on that matter and will report back later on wether XFCE or Lightdm made a difference for me.

Looks like from the comments, a DE should not cause performance issues on full screen gaming. But it is possible.

Back in the day I would kill the desktop and then launch the game. The experience was better as everything was more fluid.

Also, the ugly Raleigh theme gives you amazing performance compared to any other theme. On old pc’s, I just say “fuck it” when it comes to a sexy desktop. When using the Raleigh theme, the whole desktop becomes more fluid.

Also display managers just let you log in, that’s it. So changing to a light display manager won’t make the desktop smoother or faster.

That’s what i thought. So changing DE is only good for Desktop performance.

Still trying to figure out that weird Mouse Acceleration thing. I might do some tests with disabled compositing and such. Also, since it’s a logitech Gaming mouse it could have som acceleration build in that’s only configurable through this Logitech Windows Application…