DIY - VCR PC Case "The Ferguson Videostar"

Found an old VCR, had an old computer, blaa blaa.......Pictures!!!

cleared out the insides

the front panel can be removed from case so i fitted
front panel USB and a dual USB Playstation 2 controller ports

USB Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Adapter
made from the wifi module from an old xbox,

custom motherboard standoffs
made from end caps taken from marker pens and really strong glue

everything inserted

1x 3.5 HDD
1x 2.5 HDD (xbox again i think?)
wireless keyboard/mouse receiver is inside the case


AND as an added plussss, aint no one gunna steal that


Very cool!

This is really awesome!

we need more of this

very nice case mod

@NJM1112 with the near necro. Good post to revive though.

Makes me want to do a similar thing with my now dead Pioneer CD player.

11 days is not a necro for the love of god.
3months is

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That is killer. I love it. Good Job.

This is one of the coolest and most unique builds I have seen in recent memory. Great Job!

Necro bumping or not, I'm, glad this got brought up to the surface again this is seriously great. Good job!

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This is my first time seeing this, it's seriously awesome!

I'm glad this thread kept getting necroed this is fucking amazing.

this is amazing

you're my hero