DIY monitor mounts

Hey guys.

I made my own monitor mount out of some pipe. What do you think? Was not able to afford space co.


Looks nice! Could you show us the how (a look from behind)?

Looks good, but yeah. Post some behind photos.

This is what it looks like from behind. It looks like the wood on the top one looks cracked but that is just pencil marking from measuring. Might look a bit ghetto but it does the job. I used D's to attach the wood to pipe then put a screw through to prevent them from piviting if they are not tight enough. Also attached the wood the the vesa mounts on the back of the monitors so in the future if i no longer want them like this i can put then back on their stands. You can see on some of the joints that i did not want to move after i tightened them up a put a blob of welding on there. I cant weld very well so it was a bit of a fail.

How much did this project cost you alltogether?

Based on the amount of pipe, number of joints etc, I'd bet around $60, maybe $70 worth of materials. Depending on where he got them.

Anyway, it looks good. Not ghetto at all (well, maybe a little lol). A bit of black paint, and it would look great IMO.