DIY cloud gaming setup with VFIO, Parsec and AMD

Here’s my experience with running a game streaming solution on top of a VM with a GPU passed through. Turns out that getting something like this running well requires some tinkering.

If you have ideas on what to try out next, or feedback regarding my setup in general, then feel free to post them below!

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If you plan on keeping your games on a NAS then I would suggest maybe using it as a iSCSI device rather than a samba share as some games get upset when they are mapped to a network drive.

Otherwise great write up!

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Thanks for the recommendation! Currently in the process of trying it out and so far it has been surprisingly adequate. I’m keeping the disk image on a ZFS array that has a SLOG device attached, this setup seems to really use that for writes so I probably will increase its size to account for this use case.

I used this thread as a starting point and got another package that can be used to provide a iSCSI target (tgt).

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