Diving into micro services, recommendations

I have an idea for an online service, which would be best suited using kubernetes or another kind of containerization. So I want to get into designing micro services. Wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a book or books which describe design and creation of micro services on a conceptual level. I’m not after a step by step guide with setting things up, internet is filled with those kind of guides, especially in these TL;DR days.

Essentially, I’m looking for books which will aid me with building the first bit of a foundation for diving into micro service architecture, with a reasonable understanding of it’s workings.

Google is pushing kubernetes pretty hard right. now. The have a free course on coursera, that does a good job of covering a lot of their take on container processes. This should touch on what you are looking for but may not be as TL:DR as you want.

@JoshHowl Oh, I’m fine with reading. Meant, these days of TL;DR many are going for a short and direct route, pushing for instant gratification, which doesn’t lead to an understanding of the subject. I’m rather the opposite of that.

In our house we call it “Google illness”, rather google the answer than knowing.

Thank you for the link, will check it out.