Divergence Online - A new age for MMOs?

Hey guys. Haven't seen much about Divergence Online here, so I'd thought I would post something. Here are some links about it.

Official Website: http://www.divergenceonline.com

Official Forums: http://www.divergence-online.com/phpbb3/index.php


Basically, Ethan Casner started making this game in 2006, eventually financial troubles cause him to stop production and put it on hold. After a long period, he eventually was told about Kickstarter and other programs, and put one up himself. He got a ton of support, and started hiring a team and working on the game again full time. Go to the main website and check it out, he talks all about it in a couple videos, as well as show some early gameplay.

Just to talk about some of the future gameplay. The game will feature full Sandbox open world, with the world constantly generating so the world never ends. Playing housing will be available, where you physically gather the supplies and build your house, where you want it, and defend it from raiders. Open PvP with anyone, any where, however if you are attacking a member of your own faction, you will lose reputation with them. But there is an option where you can use a command that you both have to agree to, where your actions will not affect any one faction negatively.

You can also terraform the land (not sure how much yet) and make your own bases that you must defend with your friends or by yourself by constructing defenses and picking a very fortable area.


To me, not only does the game sound cool as is, but if this game actually comes to passing, I feel like it will really be an eye opener to the whole gaming industry as a whole, simply because of how "out of the box" and that it isn't just simply using a formula that works.


First blog post, take what you will from it. Just wanted to get the word out about it a little bit, and know what your thoughts are about it.

I think this game looks absolutely brilliant.


There is a link to their kickstarter campaign information.

I'm probably going to pledge :D