Distro switch - Spring 2017

Hello All,
So as spring is rolling around I feel its time to switch distro on my desktop for something a little different, which means swapping from Fedora to something else.
I am looking for suggestions for something a bit different, I don't want something that will take ages to setup and configure as I don't have time anymore but I want to keep my tradition of switching every 6 months ish going.
I am thinking Antergos (Unsure what DE yet, and yes I can configure arch im just lazy, its the same thing!).

Any suggestions to what else?, I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 (/w 4.10 kernel + Live patch bolt-on) and its seems rather stable.


Arch is different.

If you don't want to deal with the obnoxious install process, definitely go with Antergos. It's literally just arch with an easy installer and some common-sense preinstallations done for you (plus one more official repo with a few exclusive numix themes and prepackaged fixes.) Don't let the "OMG YOU NEED TO CONFIGURE IT YOURSELF OR IT ISN'T THE ARCH WAY" people discourage you.

The themes are so nice that I've taken to installing their keyring on my default arch setups just to throw them on my workspaces.

If you want a real adventure, though, try TrueOS:

You get Jails, you get ZFS, and you get a FreeBSD desktop done correctly out of the box.

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Yeah the arch elitism kind of does my head in but oh well.
I've just seen something about trueos I'll give it a spin in a VM as I have never fully tried BSD


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it's daily driver accessibility with enterprise grade tools.

Quickly Usurping arch as my daily productivity driver

I've been trying out Mageia. Been wanting to try it for years. Its pretty neat, runs on fucking anything.


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Forever 'Aloonix'

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Actually just switched to manjaro myself from mint. Now that I'm used to pacman, it's actually not that bad

That's a can of depression. Not a Linux distro.

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I hear Temple OS is pretty solid, but I think ill stick with Fedora.

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Lunduke get out

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But how did you know it was me? /s

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I used Mageia back when it was like version 4, didn't really connect with it for some reason.

Okay so narrowing it down, I am currently testing Solus on my gaming laptop, few issues but nothing major, I have used this before now but not as long as Arch.
Additionally Antergos I used for quite a while the other year and had no major issues here, I did hear something about Antergos degrading over time I believe on reddit.


Try opensuse tumbleweed. It got the latest Plasma DE too. Cool I guess. Came from gnome, and I somehow love the default settings. I started using it early this year and I find yast really good. Especially if you are trying to setup services. Not so much direct config editing, but helps if your new and trying to grasp the concept without getting overwhelmed by manpages and knowledge. Just not yet. As I'm comfortable with it a bit more, I'll go deeper and use more than the default.

What is the rolling release like on there for AMD GPU?

I use antergos, gnome is nice, and Antergos does a good job with the initial themeing of the OS. If you want to keep it really fresh and use something new, give elementary a try or apricity. new projects like those could always use the feedback from experiecned users switching to them. Apricity also has a lot of advantages with their Freezedry System and will probably become my goto home desktop distro once I feel like making the switch myself.