DisplayPort Train Wreck

I’m planning to pull the trigger on a FreeSync monitor, so I came here looking for the part number of the DisplayPort cable(s) supplied for the L1 Techs KVM. The plan was to see if I could find its 3-meter sibling on Dell’s website. Turns out, I can’t even find the 5K1FN13501 DP cable there. Who makes the cables supplied with the L1 Techs KVM?

This is crazy! Once I started reading so many bad DP cable reviews, I went to the trouble of looking up certified DP cables from Belkin, StarTech and others on the vesa.org and displayport.org sites, but even these cables have horrid reviews on NewEgg. I don’t understand why there are so many issues being reported due to substandard cables. It’s not like DP was introduced last week. This is unfathomable; when did it become so complicated to build functional copper cables?

I’m still rocking my antique ATEN DVI KVM (‘cause I’m poor) which I plan to bypass with a single 3-meter cable directly from the GPU to the monitor, so I’m hoping that this length shouldn’t be a problem, it being shorter than the combination of two 2M cables and a KVM. Besides the known good cables that @Wendell sourced for the KVM, which brands have everyone had good luck with, Cables2Go, Monoprice, something else?

Thanks in advance …

I have had my best “no fail”-streak with delock

Don’t most monitors come with a DP cable?

Typically, but not 3 meters worth.

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Thank you so much; I’ve never heard of these folks so I probably wouldn’t have given them a try without a reccomendation.